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Traveladda has a definite privacy policy which aims at safeguarding the interests of the users. By utilizing the services of this portal, it is assumed that you are ready to share your personal information like name, address, pin code, mobile number, email id, credit card related details with us. You need to be aware of the way Traveladda collects information from you and then disseminates it to the service providers.

The portal will not use the details furnished by you in any inappropriate manner. It shall not disclose it any third party without your consent.

Information Accumulation : As you feed your name, address, and other personal details at various places on site, the information gets stored in our database to be used later. This step is a prerequisite as the information collected is used for the following purposes:

1. To let us identify you as a person

2. To process the information uploaded by you.

3. To send the information regarding reservation to the service providers, receive confirmations from them and inform you about the same by email and letters.

4. To let you know about the latest updates and offers provided by the service providers.

Cookies :
Another important part of the privacy policy is the usage of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that gets stored on your computer every time you access internet. Whenever you search the information regarding any state or book a tourist package, the information fed by you is stored and is later tracked by the cookies. This saves your valuable time. We use these cookies to retrieve information about you. Though these cookies can be disabled yet they prove quite handy if have to go through the site several times. However, cookies regarding confidential details like credit card numbers are not stored by Traveladda, so you can furnish these details without the fear of leaking them.

Third Party Arbitration :
The transfer of your personal information to the third party occurs only when absolutely necessary, which in this case is the completion of online booking. The details shall be sent to hotels, tourist agencies, service providers, airlines, transport authorities, car rental agencies etc.. Besides, the information sharing takes place when you send some requests like knowing about the current status of your registration. Traveladda may use the data for administrative purposes like auditing and billing.

Security of the Data :
You must be aware of the fact that the process of collecting and transmission of the details may involve a number of networks. It is to be noted that we need to send the information to all affiliates and other partners who may use the details for testing their market analysis. Though we aim at maintaining the security of the consumer data over the networks through data encryption technologies and physical security software, no measure can be full proof.

Updating Information :
In order to keep the database accurate, we allow you to update, edit or delete the details furnished by you on the website.

Offers by Third Parties :
You must note that the third party vendors with whom we share your information may contact you from time to time regarding the services or special offers provided by them. It depends entirely on you whether to share your personal information with us or these service providers or not , but you are reminded that by not furnishing your details, you shall not be able to use any of the services or offers provided by Traveladda.

Policy Conflicts :
It should be noted that our affiliates and service providers have different standards and privacy policies that are different from those of Traveladda so it is always advisable to go through the policies of these third party vendors.

Changes in Privacy Policy : It is the sole discretion of Traveladda to modify or make revisions in its privacy policy from time to time and you are requested to keep track of these modifications. These changes will be notified on the website itself.

Copyright : It is also to be kept in mind that the content, visual images and presentation are the copyright of Traveladda and reproduction, copying or selling of any type is strictly prohibited. It will be deemed illegal to indulge in such activities and liable to punishment.

Traveladda is a media and not a source for all your travel related information and services and is not accountable for any mishaps that may occur.

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