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Carved out of Punjab in 1966, the state of Haryana holds a significant position in Indian tourism. The tourism department of India has made this state convenient for tourists by building several tourist complexes. History of the state is widely exposed through the spots for tourist attraction. The state has a special place in the chapters of Indian history as it houses some of the famous battle sites of India. The monuments and historical structures in Haryana depict the war-strewn story of the state invariably. The geographic features of the state add to its beauty as it is cradled by the mountain ranges of Himalays at its north and Aravalli range at its south. Hemmed in by mountain ranges the telltale plains of Haryana amaze every tourist.


The state offers an educational trip to those who are interested to know Indian history. The interesting legend behind the creation of Gujari Mahal fascinates tourists and they are amazed to see the hidden constructions inside the palace. The palace of Feroz Shah Tughlaq is a bold specimen of rubble masonry. Such a brilliant construction, and during a time when technology didn’t attain a great height, is a matter of great wonder. Jal Mahal at Narrnaul is a wondrous edifice that stands amidst the waters of Man Sagar Lake. During the night, the palace turns into a dazzling spectacle once its lights are lit up. Barsi gate is the lone one among the five gates built around the city of Hansi during the reign of Alauddin Khilji.


The Rock Garden at Chandigarh is a humble effort by Nek Chand, which is built by industrial and household waste materials. The raw materials of the garden make it a unique exhibition and the sprawling area of the garden stands as an open air exhibition of several dolls and huts.


The state is surrounded by mountain ranges and thus hill stations form a significant part of tourist interest. The Morni hills and Sohni hills are ultimate station of fun and adventure. Tourists take pleasure in rock climbing, trekking, and several other adventure sports. The diverse flora and fauna often induces tourists for an exploration of these hill stations by foot.


The state includes all possible fun as visitors can find a wonderful site for adventure water sports at Sal forest reserve near Yamunagar. During summers, rafting becomes a hot favorite among tourists visiting the reserve.


The holiday resorts after regular interval of distance all over Haryana make the place comfortable for visitors. The tour packages and local transport add to the convinience and tourists regard Haryana a majestic place for a vacation.

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