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Haryana's cities are the epitome of the rich cultural heritage that the state has been carrying on since centuries. These cities, on one hand, are the testimonial to the glorious past and a symbol of modernity on the other. It is their antiquity that attracts the tourists as well as pilgrims in large number. Though most of them have been into existence since a very long time, you can see that most of them have evolved as major industrial towns today.

Ambala is one of the commercial Haryana cities. It abounds in industries like cotton ginning, milling, and cloth weaving. Paget park, a spacious scenic place; Rang Mahal, an edifice of nicely carved pillars and arches; and a handful of Gurudwaras are the major attraction of Ambala. The city of Bhiwani is surrounded by Aravalli Mountains. This legendary place is related to the great Rajput ruler. There are several shrines that are scattered here; you can spend time visiting them or just wander in the ruins of Loharu fort here.

Chandigarh excels as one of the most picturesque Haryana cities. This well planned city of Le Corbusier is famous for its clean surroundings and pollution free air. With Shiwalik ranges forming its magnificent backdrop and its fantabulous gardens are the main tourist highlights. The fantasy filled Rock Garden is a huge crowd puller. Faridabd is the main industrial hub of the state. Thousands of industries, both large and small scale, are at function here. Its Badkhal Lake is perfect place for picnicking.

Gurgaon is among the fastest growing cities of Haryana. A hub of first-string industries like automobiles, real estate etc, Gurgaon is credited with the first city of India that has provided electricity connections to all the households that come under its authorization.

Some of the Haryana cities are the major excavation sites. Archeologists have succeeded in revering the remnants of Harappan culture and unearthed many valuable items. One such city is Hissar. Here, you can see several mosques and forts belonging to Mughal era. Kaithal, a prime attraction of Muslim pilgrims, is an example of multitude cultures. Its Brick Temples are constructed with carved bricks.

This description would be incomplete without mentioning about the legendary city of Kurukshetra. Being the battleground of Mahabharata, the city is essence of Hinduism. Brahma Sarovar, Sannihit Sarovar and mausoleum of Sheikh Chehli are the places worth visiting. The city of Pinjore is famous for its religious associations. The excavations here have led to the recovery of tools used by early man.

The city of Panchkula comprises of 264 villages and is known for the Temple of Mansa Devi. Its Morni Hills is a fascination for trekkers and nature enthusiasts. The turbulent past of Panipat is well known; apart from being linked with ferocious battles. Panipat is amongst those Haryana cities that are replete with tombs and dargahs.

Yet another archeological site that is alluring to history enthusiasts is Rohtak. Like many other cities, the city abounds in mosques and other sacred Muslim pilgrimage sites.

The other Haryana cities that are worth visiting are Sirsa, Mahendargarh, Narnaul, and Karnal. So be ready to visit this charming state which is known for its cities of antiquity.

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