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Haryana Places to see AMBALA

Quick Bytes :

Location : Haryana

Languages : Hindi

Major Attractions : Gurudwaras, Parks

Best Visiting Time : Throughout the year

Ambala is a city that lies to the northeast of Haryana and is flanked by River Ghaggar. The place is known for its industries of sugar, grains, and cotton and is an important commercial center. A set of other industries that have boomed here since many decades includes flour milling, food processing, and cloth weaving.

Name :

The word "Ambala" is derived from "Umbala". It is said that the city got its name from one of the Rajput ruler Amba. According to another view, the city is named after the deity Amba who is highly revered here. A less frequent theory states that since the city abounds in production of mangoes (Aam), it is called so.

Attractions :

Ambala Cantt :
You can have the insight into the major industries of the city at this commercially important center. Here, you can have the glimpse of industries manufacturing surgical and other instruments.

Yadvendra Udyan :
This big garden is divided into 4 major parts. You can have the look at Sheesh Mahal, Rang Mahal, Jal Mahal, and Guldatsa. A canal passes through this garden; the beauty of the garden is aggravated by lush greenery and lovely fountains. You can sit back and relax at one of the restaurants that are present both inside and outside the garden premises. A zoo is also present here and is an attraction for children.

Gurudwaras : There are multiple shrines that are frequented by Sikh pilgrims. The popular ones are Sis Ganj, Badshahi Bag, and Manji Sahib. Apart from Gurudwaras, there are Muslim shrines also that adorn the place. The dargah of Tejudin Chisti is visited by Muslim devotees.

Paget Park : Another pleasant place of Ambala is Paget Park. Originally designed as a cathedral of St. John's, the park is now an open area.

Other Attractions : Among the other attractions that are present here include St. Paul's Church, Bhawani Amba Temple etc. Patel Park and Taqwal Shah shrine are the other pilgrimage places.

Accommodation :

Mountain Quail and Batra Palace are the important accommodation places that are present here.

Ambala's main attraction lies in its religious shrines and beautiful parks.

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