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Haryana Places to see HISAR

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Delhi, Haryana

Languages : Hindi, Haryanavi

Major Attractions : Ancient mounds

Area : About 4191 square kilometers

Climatic Conditions : Summers are too hot while winters are quiet cold.

Best Visiting Time : Any time

Hisar, one of the districts of Haryana state, is an important archeological site that offers an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the civilizations that existed in ancient time. The place is also linked with the Vedic culture and was inhabited by tribal communities like Purus, Kurus, Mahavrishas etc. The place underwent major upheavals in medieval times.

Industries :


Industries like cotton, oilseeds etc. have flourished a lot here. It is also a major livestock center of North India. You will see that the markets are flooded with fabrics made from silk, cotton and other textile materials. Handloom industry is at its boom here.

History :

The history of Hisar is magnificent and dates back to prehistoric times. The excavations done at Banavali, Agroha etc. have revealed the existence of human settlement here. A number of coins, pillars from different historic periods have thrown light on different dynasties that existed here from time to time. It was Firoz shah Tughlaq who laid down the foundation of the city. As the meaning of the term "Hisar" is fort and was initially called Hisar Firoza. During the construction of the city, a ditch was dug that surrounded the wall acting as a boundary of the fort. A number of other monumental structures were erected while the construction of the city was going on. The fort complex comprises of a Gujari Mahal, Baradari, Hamam, Shahi Darwaza etc.

In 15th century, the city was annexed by Tughlaq armies. During Mughal period, the city became an important strategical hub. The power continued to transfer from one ruler to the other. It was during Akbar's reign that Hisar became an important center of revenue collection. As British occupied the city, the city underwent a sea change.

Attractions :

Jahaz Kothi : This lavish residence was inhabited by famous Irish ruler named George. The palace is magnificent and there is a Mughal touch that has been added to it.

Humayun's Mosque : It is a beautiful structure that was built by Humayun himself. The building is constructed in typical Mughal style.

Barsi Gate : To have an insight into the architectural finesse, you can pay a visit to Barsi Gate. The gate was an important structure that was constructed for defensive purposes. Its imposing gate is worth admiration. You will also see an inscription that belongs to early 14th century.

Dargah Char : As the name suggests, it is a combination of four shrines that were erected to commemorate four Sufi saints. There are, in fact, two mosques here; the smaller one leads to the bigger one. Apart from these tombs, there is a multitude of other tombs also that are present in the complex. The tombs of Mir Alam, Mir Tijarah, and Begum Skinner are worth mentioning here.

Agroha : Once a prosperous village that was ruled by Maharaja Agrasen, Agroha is an ancient mound. If you are enthusiastic in knowing about excavation sites, this is just the right place for you. At Agroha, archeologists have succeeded in digging out ancient remains that belonged to the period of Agrasen. To reach here, you will have to cover a distance of 20 kilometers from Hisar. If you are arriving here from Delhi, you have to travel 190 kilometers on a highway connecting Fazilka and Delhi.

Gujari Mahal : The palace is associated with love that culminated between Firoz Shah Tughlaq and a Gujjar girl. The king was so captivated by her enamoring beauty that he kept forward the proposal of marrying her. Though the girl agreed to marry her, she didn’t accompany him to Delhi as she feared that she will no be considered at par with his earlier wives. Gujari Mahal was built by the king as a token of love. The stones used in its construction earlier belonged to those Hindu temples that were ravaged by Mughal rulers themselves. Though, now, most part of the palace is in ruins, you can still visit it as its baradari is still in good condition.

Mounds : Hisar has been the place of excavation of ancient mounds that belonged to Harappan period; Agroha(about which you have read earlier), Banawali, and Kunal are the three places where the ancient remains have been found. At these sites, the archeologists have recovered many precious stones, utensils made from clay, and brick houses.

Agriculture University : The economy of Hisar has been mainly agrarian. In order to impart knowledge about the agrarian practices, an Agriculture University has been established. In addition, a number of research activities are also conducted here. Visit to the university can be informative to the tourists.

Tomb of Pranpir Badshah : It is the place where remains of Pranpir Badshah have been placed. The structure is quite simple yet elegant.

Lat ki Masjid : There are different styles that can be seen here in the architecture of this lovely mosque. As you will see, the building has been shaped in L shape. Firoz Shah Tughlaq was responsible for its construction. You will see a pillar that bears the entire chronology of Tughlaq rulers.

Fort of Prithviraj Chauhan : This fort was built in Hansi by this great Rajput ruler who fought against Mughal rulers. But it was Mughal rulers who finally annexed it. A mosque was constructed in fort complex.

Accommodation :

There are several tourist complexes that offer nice staying options. Blue Bird, Black Bird, and Flamingo are a few examples in this regard.

Clothing :

In summers, wear light cotton cloths while in winters carry warm woolens with you.

Hisar is famous for its excavation sites and several mosques that were built by a number of Mughal rulers.

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