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Haryana Places to see GUGA NAVMI

Fast Facts :

Celebrated In : Haryana,(India)

To Worship : Guga (Snake king)

Month : August

Guga Navmi is a sacred festival celebrated in Haryana .This festival is attached to the snake worship, and commemorates in the month of August to September. There are many legends attached to Zahir Pir or Gugga Pir,also known as Baggar wala as his grave lies close to Dadrewa where it is believed that he ruled. It is said that king Gugga had super natural power to cure people from snakebites. Monday is said to be his day ( 9th).The shrine has minarets which is square shaped and doomed roofs which is known as Mari. The Gugga fair is held at Asadpur, Dharuhere, Suruora, Rohira, Nautana, Tukiawas(Rewari Tahsil), Bawal(Bawal Tahsil), Kuksi, Maupara, Kauwi, Narnaul(Narnaul Tehsil), Nangal Chaudhary, Hudiana, Jatusanaand Ateli and Nangal Chaudhary.

Guga is known as the snake king and he is not evil. There is a famous saying about the king that “Guga beta na dega, tan kuchh na chin lega”which means If Guga doesn’t give a son atleast he wont take away any thing.Gugga, was a Rajput king and was born at (Garhdera) near Sirsa.Bachal, his mother was rebuked for being barren without a child by all.Bachal was a devotee of saint Gorakhnath (founder of Kanphata Jogis community) After 12 years of penance Gugga was born.

Celebrations :

There is a long bamboo tree decorated with Peacock plumes, colored threads, hand fans, blue flag and a coconut that marks the festival. This is also called as his Chhari (fly flap) In the month of Sawan (9th day) the priest of the village takes it around along with beating drums. People pay homage to this and also offer churmas.The five followers known to be the main dancers dance to the tunes of chimta, manjiras, dholaks, cymbals and  deru, singing songs and beating their chest very hard with chains made out of iron. During this festival if a man is bitten by a snake it is believed that he has not worshipped Guga and has neglected .The dedicated singers of the divine songs are found in Matlauda, Assan Kalan, Maris and Samalkha.

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