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Haryana Places to see BALLABGARH FORT

The previous posts must have talked about the overview of forts in Haryana. You might already be aware of the fact that there are two major forts in Haryana that are worth visiting. One of them is the Ballabhgarh Fort, built in the 17th century. The fort stands firm on the lands of Nahargarh in Faridabad, Haryana. This fortress is wonderfully built in sandstone and the style of architecture used is the Shekhawati style. Raja Balram was the ruling king and initiated the construction commencement of the fort, which lasted from 1702 to 1754.

There is a legend behind the birth and existence of the Ballabhgarh Fort. The story of this fort is another example of rags- to- riches.  The founding ruler of the fort, Raja Balram, was not a born king. He was a poor farmer, named Ballabh Singh. This opportunity of becoming a king was bestowed upon him by destiny, when he discovered two gold laden mules in his farm, one night. Thus, over the night he became rich,built this fort, and began being called Raja Balram. Hence, the fort is partially named after him, i.e. Ballabhgarh. Raja Nahar was a descendent of Raja Balram, after whom the town of Nahargarh is named.

After the initial construction, the fort was renovated several times, once by Raja Nahar as well, and for that , over 50 trained artisans and numerous artistic decors were imported to Haryana from the royal state of Rajasthan - the icon among all states with Indian fortresses. Ancient traditional architectures, hackneyed designs, and superior techniques were used at the time of both, building and renovating the fort. Renovations included repairing, white washing, coloring, and replacing the worn out white sand stones with newer ones. King Nahar also ordered to get the ancient historical monuments in the fort to be restored in their original splendor and patina. Renovation has brought the pristine magnificence of the fort back from the silent ruins, back to its original glory. The Ballabhgarh Fort is the most enchanting site of heritage today in Haryana.

There were several excavations in the vicinity of the Ballabhgarh fort, like ancient pottery sites and ruins of the Harappan civilization. A small ancient village is known to be in close proximity to the fort, which gives an astounding sight of ancient lifestyle and homely architecture. Also, the Ballabhgarh fort served well as a home to the Pandavas, the great characters from Mahabharata. The fort houses one of the most splendid paintings of the ancient times.

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