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Haryana Places to see ROCK GARDENS

Cradled in the lap of Chandigarh, the Rock gardens serve as an essential item on the tourism menu of Haryana. The gardens were built by Mr. Nek Chand, a senior architect of repute. The Rock Gardens is built on the banks of the Sukhna Lake and is built in a forest area with thick woods around. The place is full of visitors all round the year. Though the location is catalogued under gardens, there can be found no plants, flowers or fountains here.

By the name of it, the garden may be thought to circumference lots of rocks and hills inside. Actually, the Rock Gardens are sprawled over acres of thick woods and forest area, and seem like a roofless exhibition hall under the sky in the open air. Each part of the garden - be it a maze of paths or a chamber, a canyon or a rock way - each of them offers a sight of a virtual fantasy world. The strange history of the rock gardens is depicted in its panorama itself, which can be decoded only when you visit this place.

The classic work of art and architecture in the gardens is what stupefies the visitors in enchantment. The entrance is modest, leading to a magnificent arrangement of rocks, as if a surrealist might have been imbibed of all his creativity and art to give this place all the wonder it displays. Not just rocks; on display in the garden are boulders, discarded fluorescent tube lights, broken chinaware, cast away glass ornaments, waste of buildings, domestic and industrial waste, and so on. Got me? Nope? Well, this is what is the major characteristic of the Rock Gardens - all the stuff in here is built out of waste materials, that is, best out of waste; and yet amazing. This is something not all gardens or places of tourist interest may possess.

This is the real striking factor of the garden; beautiful artifacts created from waste material to display the history and Culture of Haryana. There are huts, birds, animals, dolls, etc. created out of the waste materials like broken frames, forks, mud guards, metal wires, bottle crowns, porcelain, broken glass bangles, pieces of slate, bricks, auto parts and, so on.

The most amazing festival celebrated in the Rock Gardens, and of course in the whole of Haryana and Punjab, is known as the festival of Teej, when the entire garden is colored in the festive shades and holds a special attraction for tourists and visitors. Young ladies celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm, swaying to and fro on the giant tree swings and embellish their palms with the beautiful henna, creating intricate designs. Singing and dancing is obviously an inseparable part of this festival.

It’s just fun to be around in Haryana, especially at the rock gardens, during the festivals. Yet, the garden welcomes its tourists visiting it in large numbers, with great enthusiasm and sport.

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