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Haryana Places to see HARYANA HILL STATIONS

At a Glance :

Region : Haryana

Attractive Locations : Sukhna Lake, Art Gallery, Rock Garden and Government Museum.

Capital City : Chandigarh

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of October and March

Haryana is a very famous tourist destination; a number of tourists visit this place because of its greenery atmosphere. It has already become a demanded holiday destination. The rivers, picturesque scenery, landscapes, nice lakes and healthy atmosphere and very important part of Haryana, their people's warm and friendly nature has made this destination very attractive. There is one very small drive, which comes from the Aravalli hills top area known as Damdama Lake. Among the hill stations of Haryana, there is a very beautiful hill station which will make your holidays unforgettable known as Sohna Hill. The Haryana Government declared Sohna hill as Haryana's hill station. The meaning of Sohna hill is gold,the Arvallis gives a very beautiful view through this hill station. Haryana's hill station is a beautiful destination where you can feel stress free and relax your body from all your daily life's work. Special thing about Sohna hill station is, it offers a marvelous natural beauty and the view of this beautiful hill is valueless,which can't be found anywhere else. You will feel as if you are in a foreign country's hill station and enjoying it totally.

Hill stations of Haryana give a delightful panoramic view of the graceful nature. The addition into the beauty of this hill station is its history and other joint hills. The history is actually related to the village Sohna. There is a belief that, the land of the Sohan village was shown the traces of gold and this village got gold means Sohna. From this incident, this hill station got the name of Sohna. The hill station Sohna has a few old monuments like tranquil and numbers of tourist people have visited this monument. There are not many hill stations in Haryana like other states, but they are very pleasant in its environment.

The Haryana state slowly has become a fully developed city because of the strong and unique infrastructure and network of rail, roads and air. This Sohna hill station is very beautiful and lovely; here you will get to hear the voice of delightful peacocks, which you haven't heard in the city. In the morning , you will feel definately feel very fresh and energetic by hearing the sound of bells of the temple and different birds sweet voices. Haryana's hill stations are very delightful because of the natural beauty of groves, flowers and shrubs. During the night time, try to avoid sleep and experience the pleasant night life of the Sohna hill station. In the dark beautiful night, you will see the beautiful stars, which will also admire you and will try to share their sky stories with you, and suddenly slow and cool air will blow and it will tell you something in your ears. This night on Sohan hill station will actually make your night Suhana means beautiful.

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