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Haryana Places to see SOHNA HILLS

At a Glance :

Region : Haryana, fifty six kilometers from the Delhi City

Popular For : Sulphur Springs

Attractive Feature : Hill resort

Close Attractive Location : Damdama Lake

This hill resort is around fifty kilometers from the city of Delhi; it is on the Alwar-Delhi Highway. This resort is not only a holiday resort but it is also a health resort. It is located on the top of the hill. The meaning of Sohna in Hindi is gold; gold is related to the place of this hill. In the earlier century, gold coins were collected in the sands of this hill resort area; that’s why this location got the name Sohna. The old particles of the Aravalli Mountain give a panoramic view. In this view, you will get to see the beautiful Sohna hills . The beauty of the hills increases the attractiveness of the resort. You will get all comfort in the resort like finely furnished restrooms, luxury facilities and exclusive delightful balconies which will give you a pleasant view of the Sohna hills. You will get all the needful facilities under one roof, who is ready to help in experiencing the Sohna hill stations view.

Staying at such a pleasant location is actually a golden opportunity for the people who live in the metro cities, where having a pleasant and peaceful place to sit is very difficult. The ear hurting sounds and polluted air is far away from the Sohna hill station, here you will you will breath only fresh and pure air. Mornings in the Sohna hill station starts by the sounds of the beautiful peacocks and also with the spiritual sounds of the bells, which are near the town of Sohna.Grennery is painted every where in the Sohna hills; you will get to see the beautiful clusters and groves of shrubs and colorful flowers. After enjoying the cheerful morning of the Sohna hill station, the night view of the Sohna will actually take your breath away. During the night, you will get to see plenty of stars, landed on the hills, which are actually fireflies.

The Sohna hill station is very popular for its Sulphur springs. It got the reputed position for its health beneficial medicinal properties. The temperature range of this location is around 46.10 Celsius to 51.70 Celsius. This delightful location is situated on the perpendicular rock. On the rock of the springs, there is a spa complex accompanied sulphur, steam bath and also sauna all these luxurious facilities, which are especially offered for the tourists. To enjoy swimming in this natural environment, there is also small swimming pool which is filled with  the water; it is little far from the wall mural. There is the history of the ancient period that this well was dug by the brave Arjun, he was one of the Pandav, because he was thirsty.

Attractions of this Sohan hill Resorts :

Damdama Lake :

This is around eight kilometers from the Sohna hill resort. This natural lake is among the biggest lakes of the district Haryana. The uniqueness of this district is, in the month of November, the international Balloon Mela is held on this location.

Vintage Rally :

This is one of the popular features of Sohna hill station. This car rally is organized every year in February.

To reach at this place is very easy, you just have to get down at Delhi and from there by road, traveling around fifty six kilometers, you will reach the Sohna hill station.

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