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Haryana is a one of the beautiful state of India which was formed on 1st of November in the year 1996. This state primitively was the division of the region Kuru of Northern India. Presently, this place is situated near the banks of River Saraswati. Before Mahabharata taking place were ten kings who fought their battles fought on Kurukshetra. Haryana is also known has the land of grains, this placed is regarded as heaven on earth.

Haryana has got a continental climate with summers that are extremely hot and strikingly cold at the time of winters. During rainy season the rains are erratic and low some places like Ambala and Karnal are exception to this. The rainfall is distributed unevenly with varied regions like Aravalli hills and Shivalik hills. Such rainfall can also be a cause of local flooding.

The costumes of Haryana is filled with vibrant colors, the womens of Haryana are fond of wearing bright colors. Their basic attire includes Kurti, Chunder, Damaan, there is also a chunder which is a long decorated cloth with shiny laces and mirrors, the Damaan, a flairy skirt that is protracted till ankle with stunning colors. The men here normally wear Dhoti and they tie a cloth around toted between legs and upon that they wear a white Kurta. On their heads they wear a ‘Pagri’, this is normally old villagers wear this. Haryana is the place where you can get fresh vegetables the vegetable which is prepared on special occasions is Pethe ki Subji. The dishes that relishes ones tongue are lassi with Bajre ki khickri and Raabri, there is also the famous teet ka achar. The popular Haryana cusinies are Hara Dhania Cholia, Tamatar Chutney, Mithe Chawal, Bajra Aloo Roti Makhan, Malpuas, Bhura Roti Ghee, Besan Masala Roti Makhan and may more on the list.

The culture of Haryana goes back to Vedic Times; this state is rich in heritage and folklore. The main languages spoken in Haryana with Hindi are Urdu and Punjabi. Haryanavi is also one of the languages spoken here. This is a state with beautiful mountains, hills, river valleys, planes and plateaus.

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