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Haryana Places to see COSTUMES

At a Glance :

Location : Haryana

Major Dresses of Men : Pagri, Dhoti and Kurta

Major Dresses of Women : Kurti, Daaman and Chunder

Famous for : Colorful dresses

Dressing styles and patterns of the costume of the Haryana people reflects the nature and culture of people of Haryana. Through their dressing colors and traditional attire, you can observe Haryana people's enthusiasm and simplicity to wards their life. They wear very simple and sober type of cloths. It contains turban, dhoti, shirt and their traditional style pair of shoes. Haryana men always take a chaddar or blanket over the shoulder as a wrapper. The Haryani people who wear the turban are different specific castes of people such as Rajput, Jat, Brahman or Bania and Ahir. As per difference between the communities, you will also get to see difference in the attires of the women of Haryana state. The women who belongs to the Jat community, those women wears full dress which called as thel, it contain shirt, ghaggri and orhani which is printed , the ghaggri which they wear should fall below the foreleg. The women who are of Ahir community, you can easily recognize through their recognizable petticoat or lehenga, orhani and angia it is like tight fitting blouse. The orhani which Ahir women wear is broader in size as compare to the Jat women's orhani. Because Ahir women also do work out side the house, so that time their broader orhni is helpful to cover the abdomen. This Ahir orhni is generally in yellow and red color and decorated by using the fringes and bosses, with a inside covering fall. There is similarity between the dress of Ahir women and Rajput women. Rajput women's orhni might be used of plain white and it also has fringe in silver color, but there is one major difference that it does not have fall. For the Aggarwal and Brahman women saris and dhotis are very much favorite dressing attires. The women of Haryana state, needs 3 various costumes for different situation. 1st is for field, 2nd is for grindstone and the 3rd costume is while drawing the water out of the well. Village women do various types of tasks in a day, that’s why they need different costumes. As per the Haryani peoples thinking pattern, they decide the status of the family from the cloths wore by the family members.

On the occasion of marriage, as per the Hindu tradition, people of Haryana state also wear very much colorful attires. In Haryana, the marriage party usually colors the duppatas and the bridegroom side colors the turban. In the Haryana's female dress you will get to observe the skirt or kamiz, ghagra or salwar, overcloth or duppata and pajamas all these different parts of single attire in various colors. Within the educated families, women would like to wear saris made of various colors. In Haryana, dresses of women contain more styles of variety than the dresses of male. These different attires also represent the different community and caste of Haryani women. The women of Chamar community can be identified by their red attire and woman of Gujjar community through their blue color cloths. The cloths of Gujjar woman decorated by the round shaped glass. Girls who are unmarried wear the gaudy cloths, because of that they can avoid the unsafe attention of the people. People of Haryana state are very much attracted towards the jewellery and ornaments. Their very general jewellery is like ear rings of small size silver or gold, gold chains, necklaces in Jat community known as Kathla and Bania people called it as mala and many more jewellery items they worn on the important occasions like festival, celebration and marriages, but the thing is that rich people only wear this ornaments because it is very much costly.

The ornaments which they wear are mostly made of silver and gold. Their ornaments contains the items such as hansil means heavy weight bangles made by silver, haar means necklace, gold bujini, jhalra, silver dandle wear in ear, Karanphul. They also wear ornaments in finger; there are different names for designed and plain finger rings. The traditional nose ring is known as Nath. There are any other jewellery like pati and chhailkara neori which women worn in their legs but only Jat and Ahir women the Rajput women doesn't wear it, kari it is like an anklet. There are new styles also invented in their jewellery tradition for ears tops, for wrists they are wearing churis and in the necks they have started wearing pandels. As Haryana state has different shades of color, like that their people also wear the colorful attire.

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