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Haryana Places to see CUISINES

Haryana is the state which finds it’s mentioning in the Famous epic of Mahabharata. The popular battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas was fought at Kurukshetra, Haryana. The state of Haryana played an important in the freedom struggle. Haryana is an integral part of Punjab. So one can find touch of Punjab in its cuisines. As Haryana is an agricultural state, most of them are farmers. Haryana offers delicious cuisines, as it cannot be anticipated from the tourist to carry their food. The traditional cuisines of Haryana welcome the folks. The inhabitants of this state drink well and eat well. Mostly the population of Haryana are vegetarians.

The tourist who inflicts this amazing place remains bewildered by the delicious and mouth watering cuisine, its rich nourishment and the rich taste. The richness of the traditional food can easily beat the modern concepts of added preservatives and flavors.

The food, which goes down the stomach with a satisfactory feeling that is just unbelievable and, cannot be described.

The haryanvi food as it is called has a very special attachment with the land. The food prepared is pure and intentionally good. The Eater relishes his food without any fuss. The food has evolved from the culture. The food is simple as their civilization."The Land of Rotis"is the name given to the state of Haryana as the natives cannot resists themselves from Rotis. Pizza and Roti are from opposite direction but when we compare the nutritional value, roti takes the cup.

Milk Products in Haryana :

This is a very important wealth, which Haryana has. Haryana comes after Punjab in the ranking of cattle breeding in India. The Murrah Buffalo and Haryana cow are the types of cattles found. There is absolutely no shortage in the haryanvi cuisines. People make Ghee and a major chunking use of ghee can be found in the cuisines of Haryana. The butter, which is made at home, is known as nooni or tindi in Haryana. There is an age-old tradition that things made from pure ghee should go in to the house of girl’s house. Tea and Buttermilk are the local drinks. Haryanas Thandai is the local delight which is a sweet drink made from milk. Bajra Ki Khichdi which is a whole millet porridge and is combined along with Karhi or Ghee. Bathua Ka Raitha which is made up of spicy yoghurt and leafy green Bathua, Relishing and mouth watering Aloo ki tikki which is made up of browned mashed potato, stuffing of spicy lentils and relished with tamarind chutney. Mixed Dal which is a mixture of spiced pulses and this eaten with ghee? Traditional breads include Chapattis; pooris.Teet Ka Achar is also famous which is made up of Kair Tree.

Desserts, the sweet content eaten after the meal includes simple but tasty sweets: which includes the delicious orangy Gajar ka Halwa made from carrots, ghee, sugar also includes Kheer which is made from rice, milk and Rabri made from wheat flour and buttermilk. The Famous cuisines includes Kachri ki Sabzi, Bajra Aloo Roti Makhan, Churma, Malpuas, Bathua Raita, Besan Masala Roti, kheer, Methi Gajar, Singri ki sabzi, Mixed dal, Mithe chawal.

Relishing this food can be the best when eaten at the Road side dhabas. The food is excellent and rich at popular dhabas. So enjoy the relishing mouth watering and finger licking food of Haryana.

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