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Haryana Places to see HARYANA MONUMENTS

The Culture of Haryana is replete with vast number of monuments that have remained a memorable part of history of the state. These monuments of Haryana are famous for their architectural beauty. They belong to several different dynasties that were once part of rich cultural heritage. They include tombs of famous rules, palaces built by mighty emperors, and forts constructed for evading enemy attacks. The size, plan, and architecture of these tourist places differ from each other in several ways.

History of Haryana is laden with the glorious history of dynasties that ruled here in different era. Linked with different legends and epic stories, different monuments were built to keep them alive. Not only this, rulers of the state laid down the foundation of these structures to commemorate their victories in battle or to establish the marks of supremacy over others. As the state is rich in different religions, monuments like palaces, gates, towers, and tombs belonging to these religions were erected from time to time.

Gujri Mahal is one of the famous Monuments of Haryana that is a symbol of love of Feroz Shah Tughlaq for Gujari Rani. Laden with Islamic architecture, the palace is built in limestone. Cantonment Church Tower, a 35 meter high building that is adorned with a monumental cross, is worth visiting by the lovers of architecture. Tomb of Kalander Shah was built to commemorate the deeds of the saint whose teaching were a source of inspiration to many.

Tomb of Ibrahim Lodi is another monument that carries huge importance with it. Made up of lakhori bricks, the tomb was renovated in colonial period by British. Samadhi of Tara Chand Maharaj is housed in yet another magnificent structure called Star Monument and is built in the shape of a pyramid. It is among the most spectacular monuments of Haryana. Kala Amb is a memorial built in remembrance of those soldiers who laid down their lives in Panipat's third battle.

Chor Gumbad, previously a hiding place for thieves, is popular for its haunting appearance. It is, in fact, the tomb of Jamal Kahn which was built by him. Another monument that is worth mentioning is palace of Feroz Shah. Made up of masonry and lime plaster, the structure rests on a number of pillars belonging to Hindu Temples. Barsi Gate was built by Alaudin Khilji in 14th century. It is one of the 5 gates of Hansi which are still extant. Mausoleum of Sheikh Chehli was constructed during the reign of Sher Shah Suri. The tomb is octagonal in shape and rests on a cylindrical structure.

Other monuments of Haryana include Jal Mahal, Tomb of Quli Khan, and Chatta Rai Mukund. These buildings are worth visiting by the tourists.

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