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At a Glance :

Region : Haryana

Capital City : Chandigarh

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of October and March

Attractive Places for Tourists : Sukhana Lake, Rock Garden, Art Gallery and Government Museum

Haryana state of India has very rich and pleasant culture of craft and art. They have numbers of variety of crafts and art, which contains different style and pattern. All the art forms of Haryana reflect the Haryana's great and traditional heritage. Haryana crafts and arts are very much popular in the all over the India because of their brilliant and creative values. Arts and crafts of Haryana majorly contain Chope, Pottery, Paintings, weaving and embroidery, paintings and Durries Bagh. Most of these crafts are Haryana state's handicraft items which generally made by the village people. Because of the work of the woven, Haryana state became very much popular. If you will see the Shawl which is made by the Haryana artists, it is little bit similar to the shawl of Kashmir state. Their work is some where close to the work of Kashmiri style. Among the Haryana crafts and arts, very contrast and bright colors plays a very attractive part in their art work. After visiting the Haryana city, try to give visit to villages of the Haryana city, where you will directly get to see, how creatively and elegantly make the pot of clay and they also those pots, with various designs. After all these efforts, when the final Pot gets ready to sell, you can't control yourself from buying those Pots, because its attractiveness, won't allow you to go leave from it. in the village house, the work of art is distributed, like men of the family make the pots, he gave the different style to the pot and shape; the women of the house painted those pots, by using creative design and color shades.

The rural craft form of the Haryana, which is called as Phulkari, it is very important craft of Haryana state and it is majorly created by the women's of village. There is another craft type which is called as Bagh, is little different from the Phulkari craft because the base of this craft is totally covered by using embroidery. Chope is different type of shawl which is made by the artisans of the Haryana state. For the rural villagers of the Haryana state, crafts and arts are one of the main sources of earning the money. Crafts and art of the Haryana state has very essential part in the economy of the Haryana state of government.

Pottery :

Making Pottery is one of the famous professions in the Haryana's rural parts. This form of craft is very much in the rural part of the state, because this state majorly has economy of rural part, that’s why crafts have very much importance in this state. Among the crafts and art form of the Haryana, their uniqueness is their use of colors to paint the crafts; they use nice contrasting color shades and also rich looking color. The craft form pottery is very much famous in the different corners of the nation India. The work of making pottery is mostly performed by the ladies of family of Potters. To make the Pottery, it requires help of many people, and then only the final Pottery gets complete.

Weaving and Embroidery :

The state Haryana is very much popular because of there various craft forms like Handlooms, weaving and Embroidery. Among these Haryana crafts, Durries, Shawls and lungis are very much famous within the people. The shawl, which is manufactured in the Haryana is called as Phulkari, this form of craft is very much liked by the entire world only because of its warm embroidery. The Phulkari shawl is little bit similar to the shawl of Kashmiri Shawl but the one thing which makes it different is the use of various and unique patterns and colors. This Phulkari shawl is majorly wore by the women of the Haryana state, over their traditional attire Choli and Ghagra.

Painting :

Haryana state has different types of invaders, faiths, tribes, races and cultures from around the 2500 BC and this period is witness of the blending of various painting styles. All the current painting's reference is found in the period of Aryan. The art culture and tradition is flourished in the Guptas reign in the fifth century to sixth century. This change was happened in the India's southern part and it was not connected to the art which was found in the state of Haryana. The painting art of the Haryana state ahs much empire's influence and blend of many different culture, that’s why it contains a large history. But because of lots of influence, the painting art of the Haryana has made it's own different identity , which has created it's position.

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