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Haryana Places to see DANCE

At a Glance :

Region : Haryana

Major Forms : Dhamal, Ghoomar and Phag

The enthusiasm and spirit of enjoying the life Haryana people expressed through their traditional dance forms and music forms. The people of Haryana celebrate their festivals and occasions by doing different forms of dances so whether it is a marriage, birth of child or any social and religious occasions. During the marriage, people perform Khoria dance form which is very much famous, when the young boy get married, that time during the marriage the Gangaur and Ghoomar are the religious dances performed by the people. They also do their traditional dance form Rass, which is related to the Lord Krishna, who was popular as a flirtatious. As every religion, caste, state, nation has their own identical dance forms like that colorful Haryana state also has their variety of traditional and modern dance forms which they perform on the special movements. In village area, people don’t have entertaining facilities like radio, television theatre etc equipments through which they can enjoy and express their happiness. So for them dance and song are the only modes to celebrate the beautiful movements.

Haryana Dance Forms :

Phag :

This dance form is generally performed in the month of lunar of Phalgun; in this month people of Haryana gets excited to celebrate the festival of color called Holi. All the dancers get together on the sound of Dhol, Tasha and Nagara. All the men of Haryana village come outside the homes by singing their very old traditional songs, which they sing in the month of Phalgun, and the women come up with carrying the Koraras means the cloths with long knots. Females run behind the men to hit the Korara on them, and men run to save themselves from the hit of females. They try to defend themselves with the help of Shuntis.

Jhumar Dance :

The name of this dance form is similar with the ornament called as Jhumar, which ladies wear to decorate their forehead. This dance form is specially performed by the young girls who have married. Because otherwise this Jhumar dance form is called as Hariyanvi Gidda. Performers wore the very colorful attires to perform this Jhumar dance form. the female performer of this dance sing in the gay abandon and keeping the Dholak's beats they do clapping mutually and rhythmically. The unique feature of this dance form is the performer stand on the thali or steel plate and they all move very elegantly by keeping the thali in feet.

Dhamal :

This Haryana Dance form is ancient dance form, because from the days of great Hindu epic war Mahabharata, this dance form is in practice. Among the area of Gurgaon, this Dhamal dance form is very much famous, in these area Ahir communities people are residing. When the Dhamal dance starts, the music player play very high note music, then after they play musical instruments like Nagara, Dhol, Tasha and by picking up the beat the graceful dance form starts. In this dance form, few performers keep the large Daphs into their hands as a prop. To make dance performance more attractive and beautiful by wearing costumes of bright color, they also carry medium length sticks, which are covered on the both ends of the stick.

Loor :

Loor dance is generally done by the young girls in the Phalguna month and that’s why this beautiful dance form got the name Loor because the meaning of this word is Bangar area's girl of state Haryana. This Loor dance is present in the festival of color Holi. This dance form is a signal which signifies that spring season is coming and Rabi crops are going sow by the farmers. The song which used in this dance is very much interesting, questions and answers are asked by the singers.

Daph Dance :

This dance form is also seasonal dance form which is performed by the farmers. In this dance form farmers express their happy emotions because they have got good harvest and spring season is going to start. Because only farmers perform this dance, that’s why it is more of their community dance. For this dance, they use musical instrument Daph , which is like a drum but one sided and the jewellery which worn the women, is also provide interesting music.

Ghoomar :

Ghoomar dance form is done in the circular movements by the performers. This dance is usually present by the girls who live in the Rajasthan border areas. In the start of dance, dancers first make one circle, and then they start moving while singing and clapping, when the music of the dance begins. The song of this dance is full of humor and satire and it also refer their traditional events. The Ghoomar couple dancer move around in circle.

Gugga Dance :

In this dance form, the Gugga devotees perform around the Gugga leaden in his honor and they also sing songs which praise Gugga saint. This dance form is only performed by the males, this is more of ritual dance performance and through this dance they remember the memory of the Gugga saint. As compare to other dance forms, this dance is simple and it generates the spiritual feeling among the Gugga devotees. In India, many dance performance are connected with the God and Goddess.

There are numbers of dance forms in Haryana state which contains Khoria , this is a little bit similar to the dance form Ghoomar. Khoria is only performed by the females on the occasions like festivals and weddings. There is one more dance form which is more of devotional Chaupaia and this present by both females and males; but in this dance form, they carry manjiras. Both males and females keep earthen lamps in their hands, while performing the Deepak dance form. This is best source to present the devotion, which becomes hard to forget. In the rainy season, Mewati people of Haryana do their favorite dance form Ratval. The musical instruments like bansuri and been accompanied this interesting dance form.

In the dance forms, musical instruments play second most important part. In Haryana's dance forms earthen pitcher is usually used on the place of miniature drum. Its mouth is wrapped by the rubber strips and by using hands; this instrument is played by the musician. In numbers of Haryana dance forms, main performers carry the musical instrument in their hands and neck and they play it while dancing such as chimta, dholak, deru and manjira and also cymbals and they dance on its beat and make rhythmical atmosphere. There are 2 common musical instruments which mostly used in the Haryana such as bansuri and been.

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