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Haryana Places to see POTTERY

At a Glance :

Location : India, Haryana

Manufactured in : Rewari, Jhajjar, Bahadurgarh

Major Pottery Items :
earthen utensils, water pots

Haryana state is actually a place which is growing on its rural economy and majorly on Pottery craft. It is major craft form of rural people of Haryana and it is also a major occupation of village people. To create the pot, the potters' use the pot wheel, this pot wheel is in use from the times of Pre-Aryan, it is the only tool which every village use to make the pot in the India. Without this wheel, making pots is not possible in villages. Through out the India, various kinds of potters use this pot wheel to make the pots, but in the Haryana state kick operated wheel type is very usual. This type of wheel is very convenient in making of pots because this wheel type is different and easy than normal traditional wheel. On this Kick operated wheel, you need not use hand to turn the pot wheel to get a speed, because on normal wheel, the potters has to turn the wheel again and again by using one hand. These wheels are actually made by stone or cement. The material which needs to use to make pots are available in very cheap value, actually it comes from the earth. When the potter makes the pots on the running wheel, he needs one person who finely mixes the clay. In the Haryana village families, he major work of making the pot is perform by the men of the family and women do the designing and coloring work of the pot. After making the pots, remained clay is used by the woman of the house to make the small decorative items and clay toy.

In the houses of Indian villages, people mostly use material, made of clay; that why clay items has very much demand in the Haryana. Potters make various important items form the clay such as pieces for house decoration, different shapes of toys and many other items. The festivals of Haryana state are very much seasonal, that’s why potters work with full energy and makes thousands of clay toys such as people, miniature cows, sepoys horses and houses, and all these items are sell by the potters during the festival and fairs of Haryana. People use different types of clay artifacts to decorate the house; after visiting the houses of the Haryana village people, you will feel that, village people who are known as soil people are so attached with the soil, that most of the material of the house is a creation of clay.

Within the Haryana state, craft is manufactured in the several areas of the villages such as Rewari, Jhajjar, Pinjore and Bahadurgarh. In the Haryana's famous place Rohtak, you will get to see the cups, water vessels, pipe bowls and plates all this items are perfectly get backed with brown and reddish color at this place. In these days, the potters of the Haryana make the glazed pottery. Forming the clay is very important factor of the Haryana's potter family. When their festival and other occasion gets start, that time they became very much busy that’s why they make various toys of clay which is suitable for one particular season. You will get to buy the various types of birds and also animal figures of clay, which is useful to decorate your house. This is main attraction of the tourists' people.

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