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Haryana Places to see HARYANA PILGRIMAGES

Haryana is a place which is very important for Hindus and thousands of pilgrims come here who respect this place and pious land for them as it Kurukshetra where treatise was given by Lord Krishna ‘Selfless Karma’.

The famous pilgrims of Haryana which are visited by most of Hindus include Jyotisar and Dhosi Hill and the other Ambala that is visited by Sikh pilgrims.

The pilgrims of Haryana are very famous among Hindus and are visited by most of Hindus from all over the country. Chandigarh is the capital city. The attractions other than pilgrims of Haryana are Rock Garden, Art galley & Govt. Museum and Sukhna Lake. The best time one can enjoy this place is from October to March.

Pilgrimage of Haryana :

Dhosi Hill is located in Narnaul town just 8 kms away in Haryana. This place is famous among people as Rishi Chavan here underwent Penance. The attractions here are Chavan Shrine and Shiva kund which is famous among people and visited by many people.

King Naunkaran of Bikaner is said to build the fort which is in ruins which is built on a saucer like plain surface that is on the hill at the top. This place has a great importance among the people in the villages and is a sacred place and is considered as a pilgrimage or ‘Tirtha’.

The hill is decorated by the temple which is dedicated to Rishi Chavan. On the day of Somavati Amavas there is a big celebration of the festival which is celebrated in respect of Rishi Chavan. It is said that Bhargava community is to be founded by Rishi Chavan. People who are Bhargavas in Haryana are called as Dhosar.

Jyotisar is located in Kurukshetra inn Haryana. It is a place where ‘Gita’ was preached Lord Krishna. It is spread around 1.5 acres of area. The other attraction here is an Old Banyan Tree which is said to be around 5, 000 years old.

This place is recently renovated and is a place where the holy Bhagwat Gita took birth. There is a raised plinth where a banyan (Vat) tree stands. The land here is very important and sacred for Hindus as it is said to be a place where Lord Krishna gave a message to Arjuna in the evening at the battle of Mahabharata.

There is a marble Chariot built on this place where Lord Krishna is shown delivering the ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Gita’ (a message given during Mahabharata) to Arjuna and many people visit this place to see and experience that time of Mahabharata. There is an Old Shiva temple on the ground that can be seen. There is also a tank which is to be seen here and it is to be said that the tan k was built hundreds of years ago and the size of this tank is around 1,000 x 5,000 feet. This place is very important to Hindu people and many Hindus visit this place to see Kurukshetra and they want the blessings of Lord Krishna.

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