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Haryana Places to see BABA RAMESHWAR TEMPLE

At a Glance :

Region : Haryana, from Narnaul about twenty five kilometer

Established By : Baba Rameshwar

Committed to : Lord Shiva

The village where this Baba Rameshwar temple is located is about twenty five kilometer far on the direction of south west from the village Narnaul, this village is placed on the border of Rajasthan and Haryana. This temple became popular just because of the great Baba Rameshwar. The name of the village is Bamanwas, is the land where is ancient temole is located. The border of this village is a major wall of this temple, which became a border of this village Tibba Basai of state Rajasthan. Baba Rameshwar temple is a very huge in size, which was built by itself Baba Rameshwar. From the year 1963, continuously the work of building this temple has been in process. Within this area, this Baba Rameshwar temple is the greatest temple among other temples. The hall area of this temple is very broad and it has been decorated by the beautiful flooring of the marble and also walls, inside this temple, because of the huge place around thousands of people can comfortably sit and worship the god.

In this temple, you will get to see the divine beautiful marble idols of the goddess and gods, which are placed in the different places of the temple like in hall area and different temple rooms. On the temple's right direction you will get the darshan of great Lord Shiva's temple, it is within the complex of the Rameshwar temple. when you will enter inside the temple, the first thing which you will see, is the very huge stone idol of the Nandi, it is such a huge idol that the length of it is twenty five feet and height is around fifteen feet. Inside the Shiva temple, there is dynamic Shiv Linga with the height of ten feet. This has been installed with the different pictures of the Lord Shiva. To give the as much as knowledge about the great Hindu epics, on this Shiva temple's walls, there are wall hangings which are displaying the Ramayana, Gita and other great spiritual Hindu epics, in the written format. The idols that are on the marble and walls of the temple are just tremendous. When you will reach at the temple, while entering into the temple, from the entrance gate you can imagine the appreciable architectural work of this temple because on the main entrance of temple, there is very huge idol of the Lord Hanuman has been placed, it is so huge that you won't get any comparison to this much big idol in the entire North India. The height of the Hanuman idol is about forty feet. The people who are living in the Punjab and Hariyana, they have a very much faith in their heart for Baba Rameshwar Dass.


From different corners of the India, people come to the Baba Rameshwar temple to take the darshan of Baba and to pray him, the major states from where most of the devotes come are Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad and many more cities. Because of the UN measurable love and faith of the devotees towards the Baba, this temple has been raised this much. on the start of the year 1963, Baba Rameshwar came at this holy place and from that time the making of Baba Rameshwar temple was started. The residential people of village Bamanwas came together and they tried to available the land for the temple. After getting the land, the other needful things like water availability, electricity and transport roads all this needy things were fulfilled. Before the making of this temple got started, Baba Rameshwar had moved to various locations. On the starting stages of his life, he used to live with his teacher or Guru. His name was Nand Brahmehari, he was living in the Shiv Kund, and it is located at the peak of the Dhosi. When Baba Rameshwar's guru died, he made the temple in his Guru's memory in the village Bighopur, it is at Narnaul and at that time Baba Rameshwar decided to live their only. After this incident, Baba Rameshwar came back to the Bamanwas, and he completed the making of temple. in the Baba Rameshwar temple, a very huge fair is organized on annually basis, to celebrate the occasion of Ram Navami. To join this celebration, around lakhs of devotees came to this temple, from the different corners of the whole India. People who have visited this temple, they have found one very different feature about the temple is that, they don't accept the cash donation. For the lakhs of devotees convenience, the Government of Rajasthan and Haryana has made metalled roads on the near by area of the Baba Rameshwar temple. to reaching at this temple is very much easy and comfortable, because from the bus stand of the Narnaul village, you can easily get the bus for temple.

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