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Haryana Places to see BU ALI SHAH QALANDAR

Fast Facts :

Situated : Panipat,(Haryana)

Dedicated To : Bu Ali Shah Qualandar

Time of Celebration : Annual Urs

Constructed By : Emperor Ghyasuddin

Religion : Islam

In spiritual and religious realm, Panipat had a wealthy tradition of Sufi scholars and saints. The most popular amongst all these was Bu Ali Shah Qalandar dargah which is a sacred pilgrimage center since 13th century.

The In 1209AD Bu Ali Shah Qalandar was born and Qutubuddin Aibak ruled Delhi. He survived for 112years. Bu Ali Shah Qualandar was equally worshipped by the Hindus and the Muslims and was known for his miraculous powers and deep spirituality. During phase of anguish and doubt the sultan of Delhi (Alauddin Khilji)used to come to Bu Ali Shah Qualandar to seek his eternal blessings at Panipat.Amir Khusro was a patronized visitor to the Sufi saint.Khusro was a great fan of his words and wisdoms.

In the year 1324 the glorified Sufi saint had passed away, he was 112 years old. Emperor Ghyasuddin of (Delhi) had constructed a tomb in his fond memory. This tomb is situated in the outskirts of the town. The grave of the religious saint is built of marble and is beautified with amazing sculptures. The precious monuments went through successive alteration and additions. During the reign of Aurangzeb (1658 to 1707), a front view verandah with magnificent paintings and stylish calligraphy was added. There is a marble screen in the front side which displays ecstatic workmanship and Mughal style jails like the one present in Delhi and Agra.

Today The Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qualandar receives pilgrims from far end. The Muslin festival of Urs Mubarak is celebrated with great joy and gaiety on the death anniversary of the great saint. The arrangement is made by the WAKF Board. Every Thursday and particularly on this day the Dargah hosts a langar to serve people with the blessings of Bu Ali Shah Qualandar. People belonging to all castes and creeds come here and pay homage in the Dargah.

When you visit this dargah you will find a a lovely water tank inside. The side arena of the Dargah has been Landscaped. There also thrives a library which has books on saint and Sufism.

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