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Haryana Places to see HUMAYUN MOSQUE

Fast Facts :

Situated : Fatehabad,(Haryana)

Constructed By : Humayun

Constructed During : 1529-1556AD

Religion : Islam

Humayun, the oldest son of the Mughal Emperor Babur had constructed this Mosque. The time taken to construct this mosque was too long as it was started in the year 1526 and had lasted till the year 1556AD. Humayun was not a strong king. The mosque is constructed at the same place were ‘lat’ is constructed by Feroz shah Tuglaq as he was already in power. There is a two dimensional courtyard which is just magnificent and also a pond where devotees execute rites before paying homage inside the mosque.

Humayun was a very kind hearted, a wise Mughal Emperor. His family included his wife Hamada banu Begum, and there son Akbar.He died in the year 1562.

There is a huge screen in the west side of the Mosque which is constructed up of ‘Lakhauri brick’. This screen showed the accurate direction of offering homage known as (Mehrab) that is layed by 2 arched recesses. According to the ancient thoughts, this mosque is said to have adopted Persian style of architecture. This Mosque is one of the oldest constructed in India. Humayun’s Mosque had marked the beginning of the Mughal rule in India. This mosque is Beautiful and small. It is said that after he lost in a battle against Sher Shah Suri, he was getting through this area and offered homage in this mosque every Friday. The inscription in the laudatory of Humayun was found in this place and was later turned in to Idgah.

Humayun’s Mosque is located in the town of Fatehabad; Haryana.This place is the District Head quarters of (Haryana), .The Town of Faridabad was founded by The Mughal emperor Feroz Shah Tughlaq and he named it after his beloved son Fateh Khan.Fatehabad was a major trade center for exporting grains.

Humayun’s Mosque is very popular and people come here to offer Friday Prayer. This Mosque can occupy thousands of devotees who come here to offer Namaaz.The Eid Prayers are also offered here.

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