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Haryana Places to see SHIVA TEMPLE

At a Glance :

Region : Haryana, from Mahendragarh about twenty five kilometers

Major Festival : Shiv Ratri festival

Dedicated to : Lord Shiva

The temple of Lord Shiva is located around twenty five kilometers from the location called Mahendragarh, it is at Bagot. Bagot is very much important location by their religious factors. On this religious land, you will get to see a very much popular mandir of Lord Shiva. In this Shiva temple, one fair is celebrated by the devotees on very high scale that is Shiv Ratri, which comes in the Sawan month, it is a month of monsoon season. Their thousands of devotee, who believe on Lord Shiva and his power. That’s why millions of people come together at this temple in the Sawan month and worship the Lord Shiva with lots of faith and enthusiasm. People believe Shiv Ratri Festival very much auspicious and holiest. 

If people want to get fulfill their wish by the Lord Shiva, then they pledge that if their wish will get fulfilled then they will visit the Lord Shiva's temple and they will offer the water which they brought from the Ganga River. As per their pledge, which they have taken and their wish has been fulfilled, then the devotes go to the very religious and holy place Haridwar, but fair's one week before and from their they bring the holy water of Ganga River in 2 small size pots which are called as Kawars. The unique thing about their journey is that, they do the entire journey without wearing a foot wear. From Haridwar, they directly go to the Bagot. Till amercing the water on the Lord Shiva's idol, devotees should not keep the Ganga water's pot on the land. Because this custom, there is a believe behind it that, if the water will get into the contact of land, then the water wouldn't be pure. And devotees won't dedicate it to Lord Shiva. These are the old and traditional religious customs, which are still followed by the religious people. after reaching at the Shiva temple, devotees sprinkle the Ganga water on the Lord Shiva's stone idol and they worship the idol, over the entire day with the rhythmic songs of the Shiva and the bhajans through which the whole surrounding of the temple becomes spiritual and gets colored by the color of Lord Shiva.

When you will plan to visit the Haryana, must visit the Shiva temple and experience the pure love of devotees and Lord Shiva on each other.

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