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Haryana Places to see ANAGPUR DAM

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Location : Near Surajkund, Haryana

Type : Man-made

Time or Months to Visit : Throughout the year

Anagpur Dam is located in the southwest direction of the famous Surajkund; Arangpur village in the Gurgaon district lies close to it. The dam is a wonder of hydraulic engineering that belongs to the period of Tomar king Anangpal. This eight century wonder was built by this ruler who also laid foundation of the Lal Kot. These structures were built by the ruler as a part of the establishment of Delhi city.

This gravity dam is made up of stones of quartzite which were then sharpened and given a chiseled look. As one goes down the structure, the width of the dam goes on increasing. A stream or a "nala" is present between the banks of the Anagpur Dam. The dam has a height of about 7 meters and is stretched to the length of 50 meters. The structure of the dam carries a number of manholes. These crevices were built on the top portion so as to facilitate the entrance inside the dam body. These manholes were used to control water flow through sluices and to have a regular check up of the functioning of the dam. An outlet that is present on the downstream leads one to the ground portion that lies below the dam.

Anagpur Dam is used to store monsoonal water which is used for irrigational purposes. As the Tomar Ruler Anangpal wanted to protect his clan from the other Rajputs who were constantly on a war with him. In order to do so, he laid the foundation of a new kingdom at Delhi. A reservoir by the name of Surajkund and a dam called Anangpur were also built. It is believed that Surajkund was built by Anangpal and the dam was built by Arangpal who belonged to a different period of the Tomar dynasty.

Accessibility :

The access to the dam is by a path that initiates from Arangpur village; this path goes through a pastureland and then crosses a rocky hill.

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