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Peaceful by nature and humble by appearance, Himachal Pradesh is swathed by snow most of the time in a year. Often the general look of Himachal matches with Austria and tourists coming from there get a homely feeling. The resemblance with Austria arises from Himachal’s mountains which are clad in conifer trees with chalet huts studded within the greenery and valleys are fed with snow thawed streams. The natural diversity of Himachal makes it distinguished as the small state offers different landforms ranging from rolling mountains, traveler’s town, and forested lands filled with pine trees, stunning orchards of apples and deserts like Lahual and Spiti perched at high altitudes.


The summer capital of India, Himachal Pradesh, remains capped by snow for half of the year. The snow covered Himachal offers fantastic settings for skiing. The skiing facilities are available at plenty in the places like Mnali, Kufri and Narakanda. Skiers can go for heli-skiing or ice skating at their comfort during the skiing season at Himachal.


Since Himachal occupies a significant portion of the Himalayas, the hill stations is the state are excessively scenic. These hill stations provide a respite from the soaring heat from Indian plains during summer as they remain pleasantly cool even when the plains in India is set ablaze by scorching sun. Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Kasauli are some of the names of hill stations that have breathtaking scenes all over the station. Dharmasala is one more important point in tourist map of Himachal. The natural bounty of Dharmasala represents wide stretch of flowering plants on the terrains, thick forests of pine and deodar trees and a land of plenty waterfalls and hot springs.


Himachal Pradesh resides in the hearts of every trek lover and adventure seekers. The state has been interwoven by many passes which were once important trade routes. Presently, these passes have turned into trekking routes and during trekking season visitors crowd these places with their trekking kit. Trekking through the passes gives a crystal clear view of valleys beneath and mountain summits that stand as watch towers of the state. Rohtang Pass, Shangla Pass are few passes of Himachal that draws wide tourist attention.


Himachal Pradesh is a home to Tibetan Budhdhism and a host of monasteries find place in the state. The sites of the monasteries are notable as they are set over mountain summits tactfully. Among all the monastic complexes, Spiti and Dhankar monastery happens to be the largest one and Rewalsar is the focal point of Budhhism and preserves within it an image of Padmasambhava- a famous Buddhist teacher.


The architectural grandeur of Himachal is not confined within the limits of Buddhist monasteries since tourists find the scenes of temples, palaces and castles highly rewarding. Gurkha castle, Rang Mahal, Maharaja Palace of Chail are some of the most visited monuments.


The state tourism of Himachal Pradesh has installed several hotels, tentage accommodation at passes lodges, guest houses for the convenience of tourists. Touring the state today is thus a matter of pleasure.

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