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Himachal Pradesh Places to see JOGINDER NAGAR

Quick Bytes :

Location : Himachal Pradesh

Languages : Himachali, Hindi, Punjabi, English

Altitude : 1220 meters from sea level

Climate :

Temperature : Average in summer goes upto 28 degree Celsius  while in winters it may drop to 4 degree or even below

Major Attractions : Baijnath Temple, Barot

Best Visiting Time : Months between May and October

Joginder Nagar
was created when a ruler of Mandi, named Joginder Sen, ordered the construction of a hydroelectric power project near Sukrahatti. After the untiring efforts of workers who tunneled over many kilometers to bring the water of Uhl River here, the project saw the light of the day. This quaint holiday destination is deluged with thrilling sports including trekking, sightseeing, and fishing, to name a few.

Attractions :

There are myriad tourist sites that lie awaiting for you at Jogindarnagar. While some of these are part of the city, the others are present in the nearby areas. Let's have a glimpse of some of these; this will help to develop a vague idea about the place.

Baijnath Temple :
Resting 21 kilometers off from the city, this temple of Lord Shiva belongs to the 9th century. Shiva, in the form of Vaidyanath, is paid obeisance by the devotees. It is believed that raven, the demon king of Lanka, worshipped the Lord here in order get blessed with immortality. The structure appears quiet impressive to onlookers. It is nestled within Beas Valley and is situated near Mandi Road. The influence of Nagara style can be easily seen in its architecture. A conical spire, pyramidal roof of mandapa, and an adytum are the magnificent structures that form the temple premises. A Shiva lingam has been installed and is among the 12 sacred jyotirlingas that dot India. Huge supporting pillars of mandapa along with architraves adorn the interiors. A square podium along with torsos is adorned elaborately. The path leading to adytum is decorated with river deities. Like other Shiva temples, a sculpture of Nandi bull stands at the entrance. 

Shanan Power House : This major attraction of Joginder Nagar was modeled and designed by a British Colonel named B.C. Batty. The city is credited for being the only one in Asia to have 3 Power Houses. The tour to the place can be quiet interesting as well as informative. The power house played a crucial role in the creation of this populous city. Initially, relying on a few turbines, the project was soon entrusted with more efficient turbines.

Barot : This tranquil destination offers the visitors a number of opportunities to enjoy trekking and angling. The entire area is covered with trees of Deodar and is a picture-perfect destination for watching panoramic views. Dianasur Lake, located at an elevation of 4150 meters, is a gateway to many pilgrimages that are pursued by the devotees in August/September. A plenty of Temples dedicated to local deities are present here. Yet another place of interest that you may like to visit is Joginder Nagar Power Station. The tourists are pulled up to a height of 2600 m from ground in an electric pulley; the experience is a tantalizing one. It is through Barot that one can make access to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, you can have a glimpse of its amazing wild life.

Winch Camp :
You have to climb upto 800- feet in order to reach here. The way up is dotted with profuse vegetation formed by the dense trees of rhododendrons. The comprehensive view of Beas River, Kangra Valley, and Mandi Hills appears quiet enchanting from here. In winters, the topography is covered with a thick sheet of ice. The dazzling snowfall is the core of attraction at Winch Camp. The mesmerizing sceneries at Headgear, a way station at an elevation of 8600 feet, are formed by Himalayan peaks. 

Macchial Lake :
Resting at low altitude, this lake is a part of Mandi district and is deemed sacred  by the devotees. The lake is named after one of the avatars of Vishnu, named Macchendru Devta. This picnicking spot lies 7 kilometers from Jogindarnagar. On weekends, pilgrims arrive here and worship the fish inhabiting the lake water. Waters of Gugli Khad meet that of Uhl River. Other attractions that you may find fascinating are the temples dedicated to Vishnu. Fishing in the lake water is prohibited, so store that fascination of yours to be pursued somewhere else. 

Banderi Temple :
Nestled over a peak of the same name, Banderi Temple lies at 5225 meters. During the festival of Navratri, a public lunch is organized. In the vicinity of the temple, Karanpur Fort is present.

Chaturbhuja Temple : This historic place is supposed to be the creation of Pandava brothers. Held up high at an elevation of about 4830 meters, this temple of goddess Durga is a part of Basahi Dhar.

Haulage Way System : It is considered one of the unique attractions of the city. There are a number of way stations that are constructed here. Buffer Stop at 4150 feet and Adit Junction at 6000 feet are important ones. The view of water gushing down with full force from a height of 3280 feet is just fascinating.

Ayurvedic Institute : A massive Herbal Garden along with a research institute pertaining to Ayurvedic medicines is worth visiting.

Jhatingri : Deep forests of deodar, a summer palace, and enchantingly beautiful perspectives at Jhatingri are the a source of great pleasure to the eyes of the beholder.

Toy Train : The toy train linking the stations of Joginder Nagar and Pathankot is another fascinating attraction. The passage of the train takes you through picturesque hills, and other charming sites. The glories of nature and spectacular views presented by historical and cultural monuments that come enroute are captivating enough.

Cities Nearby :

Bir (16 kilometers), Dharamshala (59 kilometers), Gaggal (60 kilometers).

Accommodation :

Hotel Uhl is a deluxe hotel present here. Vikram Hotel and Vivek Hotel present on National Highway 20 are also fine options.

The city of Joginder Nagar is a good place to roam about; its array of unique attractions make your visit a wondrous experience.

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