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Himachal Pradesh Places to see KANGRA CITY

Quick Bytes :

Location : Himachal Pradesh

Languages : Himachali, Hindi

Altitude : 733 meters

Climate : Pleasant

Temperature : In summers, it goes between 22 and 38 degree Celsius; in winters may drop below 4 degree Celsius

Major Attractions : Chamunda Temple, Kangra Fort

Best Visiting Time : Months between September and June

An agglomeration of nature's most desirable treasures, Kangra is picturesquely located at the convergence of rivers Bener and Majhi. This secluded tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh is delineated by the hills of Shivalik and Dhualdhar. Famous throughout India for its elegant temple architecture and exclusive pieces of art & craft, it sees a large influx of tourists every year. The scenic beauty of the place mesmerizes you with its lush greenery. Its fascinating tea gardens along with snowy hills marvel your senses and throw before you their natural splendor. A popular destination for enjoying thrilling sports, the city attracts tourists from all over world.

Alluring Attractions :

Maharana Pratap Lake :
The construction of a dam at River Beas resulted in the creation of this lake. More than 200 species of avifauna can be seen inhabiting the lake area. You will be able to see hordes of terns, plovers, water fowls, egrets, and gulls. In 1983, the area was declared a sanctuary and has a numerous wild animals like the barking deer, leopard, nilgai, boar, and sambhar existing with in its precincts. Apart from this, several fish species are also known to survive in the lake water.

Chamunda Devi Temple :
The temple is the central attraction of Kangra and is situated 15 kilometers away from it. The structure is present on the banks of Baner and has a splendid view of Dhauladhar as its backdrop. Dedicated to Chamunda Devi, a deity highly venerated in the entire state, this temple sees a large congregation of tourists every year. In the vicinity, a cave is present and houses a lingam which is an epitome of Lord Shiva. The goddess is believed to shower her devotees with blessings and fortune.

Kangra Fort : On the borders of Kangra district, a majestic fort is present. It was constructed by a family of royal lineage and is the largest of all forts that are present on the foothills of Himalayas. You can enter the premises via a courtyard; a narrow lane will make you reach directly to the top through the gates called Amiri and Ahani. Now under the authority of the Archeological department of India, the fort houses two lovely ponds. Near Darshini Darwaja, ruined idols of river goddesses are present. To the south of the courtyard, stand the Temples dedicated to Ambika Devi, Sitala Devi and Lakshmi Narayan.

Taragarh Palace : This palace which was known by the name of Alhilal and was used for the prorogation of Islamic ideology. After independence, it served as a warehouse by the government of Punjab. When it came under the proprietorship of Tara, wife of a ruler of Jammu, it was renamed Taragarh Palace. Later it was refurbished to serve as a motel.

Jwalamukhi : This exquisite temple is situated 30 kilometers from Kangra. Presided by the fire goddess named Jwalamukhi, the temple is highly revered by Hindu devotees. You may be interesti in knowing that there is no idol of any form in the premises of the temple; instead a flame keeps on burning and is considered to be revelation of the goddess. On the occasion of Navratri festival, a huge fair is organized here and is attended by thousands of devotees.

Masroor Rock Temple :
Masroor is located 32 kilometers from the destination and is popular for its impressive rock cut shrines; these temples have been constructed with remarkable ornamentation and exhibit Indo-Aryan tone in their style. You can have a glimpse of temples dedicated to Lord Rama, his brother Laxmana and wife Sita.

Sujanpur Tira : Known for its palace, Sujanpur Tira is an old and historic town; The temples dedicated to Murli Manohar, and Lord Shiva are present here. Tira is also serves as a venue to many sports activities. It is, in fact, the biggest playing ground of the state.

Nadaun : Another tourist attraction that offers a nice view to tourists is Nadaun. Its proximity to River Beas makes the place a perfect picnicking spot. Spend your time relaxing amidst nice sceneries and enjoy fishing.

Chinmaya Tapovana :
Swami Chinmayananda laid the foundation of an Ashram here. You will see a colossal sculpture of Lord Hanuman and a big Shiva lingam in its vicinity. It is located ten kilometers from Kangra.

Art Museum : A paragon of some of the most priced possessions, this museum is the storehouse of several art and craft items. The interiors are embellished with numerous sculptures, local dresses, pottery and shamiyanas. Coins, ornaments, carved doors and pandals are also illustrated here. Art works by modern artists and photographers have also been kept on display.

Mcleodganj : Another attraction near Kangra that enraptures you by its breathtaking beauty is Mcleodganj. View of the valley from Mcleodganj is quiet splendid. This tourist attraction is located at an elevation of about 2000 meters from sea level. Influenced by Buddhist Culture, it unveils its charm before those who arrive here to have a glimpse of it.

Tea Gardens :
  Kangra Valley abounds in tea gardens; CSIR at Palampur Complex is engaged in employing scientific techniques like tissue culture in order to produce artificial tea seeds. Its efforts have resulted in a stupendous increase in tea production in recent years. Organic farming that enables tea production sans the uses of pesticides of any type has also been proposed and is expected to bring desirable results.

Trekking :

Tourists can have a thrilling experience of enjoying trekking here. As the city is enthused with natural beauty, trekking can be one of the fascinating experiences of your life. There are many trails that you can follow. One common passage leads you to temples, and mountain peaks. Some popular treks that are quiet common are those taking you to Chamba Valley, Inderhara trek and Minikiani Pass. 

Local Transport :

Almost all the major attractions of the city are located quiet far from it. So, it is not possible to travel within the city on foot. You can travel via buses, cars, and auto rickshaws. HPTDC provides cabs and cars which allow the passengers to travel locally. One of the cheaper and interesting options is traveling by a pony.

Accommodation :

In order to satisfy the needs of the clientele, a number of hotels and guest houses have been opened in Kangra. Hotel Club House, Kashmir Hotel, Hotel Bhagsu, Hotel Nataraj, Triund Hotel, Maurya Hotel, Tibet Hotel, Yatrika Hotel are a few nice options.

Kangra is a paradisiacal location of Himachal Pradesh. Your visit helps to explore its cultural and artists aspects. Apart from natural effulgence, there are several attractions that you may be pleased to behold.

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