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Himachal Pradesh Places to see PALAMPUR CITY

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Languages : Himachali, Hindi, Punjabi, English

Altitude : 1219 meters from sea level

Climate : Salubrious

Temperature : In summers, mercury fluctuates between 8 and 30 degree Celsius while in winters, it mat range from -10 to 10 degree Celsius

Major Attractions : Tea Gardens, Neughal Khad, Andretta

Best Visiting Time : March to June, September to December

The supernal beauty of Palampur, a place with immaculate surroundings, is framed by enchanting mountains peaks concealed under snow, lush terrains, and the redolence of tea gardens. The word is derived from 'Pulum' which stands for water; this is attributed to numberless streamlets and watercourses that make their way through this place of transcendental pulchritude. With the arrival of the monsoon season, water from these brooks flows more vehemently. As soon as you set your foot here, your senses will be overwhelmed by the aroma of tea leaves and plush greenery that covers most part of it.

History :

The place came into existence when a tea bush was planted here by a renowned botanist named Dr. Jameson. British colonists got so attracted to the place that they covered the entire region with tea bushes. Soon the city was transformed into a major tea plantation region and got recognition for its aromatic brands like Kangra Tea, Bageshwari, Malhar, and Bahar.

Attractions :

Tea Gardens : Palampur's primal attraction is its fragrant tea plantations that cover its pristine slopes. The lush greenery presented by them along with the heavenly incense leaves you refreshed.

Ethereal Beauty :
The primordial beauty of the place makes the experience a pleasurable one for vacationers. The bewitching destination is laced with lovely trees of willows and pine that are stretched over many miles. Nature walks are an excellent way to rejuvenate your weariness. Strolling through the rugged topography and green fields can be really exciting.

Neughal Khad : This adorable picnic spot overlooking Dhauladhar range of mountains is situated about 2 kilometers from the destination. The center of attraction here is Neugal stream that makes its way through a wide rift. One of the other worth-visiting attractions is Bundlamata Temple, a shrine standing at this place for last 500 years. Mitigate the weariness of your sojourn here while gulping tea.

Andretta : Referred as Asthelte's Hideaway, the lovely location of Andretta is , in fact, an artist village of one of its own kinds. Inhabited by a colony of artists, this fine place is famous for its Terracotta Museum. Here, you will find myriad specimens of pottery that have been brought from different parts of the world. The added attraction here is Pottery and Crafts Society where the tourists have the privilege of buying some exclusive pottery. As you will see, the village abounds in a traditional house, made from mud and bamboo.

Taragarh : This wooden estate is sprawled over 15 acres of Kangra Valley. The estate was constructed by the nawab of Bhagalpur and is considered important due to its royal lineage. The picturesque beauty of the place has earned it the name "Crescent Moon". An exquisite palace is also present in the premises and is now refurbished into a classy hotel. The interiors are still embellished with the paraphernalia of royal heritage; this includes tiger skins, Tibetan Thankgas, portraits, and paintings.

Bir : One of Palampur's alluring attractions is Bir; it is popular among the tourist circuit for paragliding opportunity. Another place called Billing is known for adventures and hang gliding. But if you are keen to pursue gliding here, you need to arrange your equipment on your own. There are many monasteries within Billing and are worth visiting sites; one of that needs a special mention is Choling. Its entrance is decorated with sculpted rocks on which Buddhist mantras are engraved.

Excursions :

Tashijong Moanstery : This gompa is located 13 kilometers away from Palampur. Constructed after Dalai Lama med McLeodganj his permanent residence, the monastery gives a peek-a-boo into Buddhist cultural heritage. Tanghka paintings and Tibetan craft items can be purchased as souvenirs or for adoring your ownselves.

Chamunda Devi Temple : A temple of renowned importance for local inhabitants, this temple forms a  major attraction for those who are on a tour to Himachal Pradesh. As you enter the interiors, you will be able to see the beautifully carved pillars, equally attractive sculpted ceiling. The shrine attracts you by its antiquity. In addition to the main shrine that is dedicated to Chamunda Devi, another shrine is also present nearby which is attributed to Lord Shiva.

Adventures :

There are many adventure sports that you can pursue at Palampur. The enthusiastic travelers can engage themselves in thrilling activities like paragliding trekking, and angeling.

Dining :

There are a number of restaurants here that allow you to savor multiple cuisines- Chinese, Continental, and Indian delicacies are served at these restaurants. Hotel Surbhi is one such example. Gobble up pakoras, chat, and other palatable dishes at Taj.

Shopping :

Carrying with you some of the aromatic tea leaves or processed tea packets is not a bad idea. The other items that you can take away with you include Tibetan carpets, handicraft items, and colorful carpets.

So be ready to aromatize your nostrils with fragrance of tea plantations at Palampur which is enough to mitigate the pugnacity of the cities.

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