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Himachal Pradesh Places to see CHAMBA MINJAR MELA

At a Glance :

Region : India, Himachal Pradesh

Rejoiced In : Himachal Pradesh's Chamba valley

Fair Period : 1 week

Began In : Nine hundred thirty five

Celebration Month : August

Himachal Pradesh is a very enthusiastic and energetic state where each and every festival and fair is celebrated by the people joyfully. Chamba Minjar mela is one of the famous fair among the regional people of this state. The origin of this fair belongs to the historical period. It began during 935 A.D , the moment Chamba region's king got victory over Trigarta's ruler that is called as Kangra. After defeating the opposite fighter when the King came back, the regional people celebrated that very moment, all the people gave him a very warm welcome and honored him by maze and paddy, later on that victory celebration became traditional and till now the people of Himachal Pradesh follow it.

Chamba Minjar mela is rejoiced during August , this joyful fair starts on macabre. Till the year of 1943, people were pushing the Buffalo in the water of the Ravi River, at that time if the running water of River is swept then it is a symbol of auspiciousness, people considered that God has accepted the sacrifice. In case, the animal is successful in reaching the opposite side of the River then the people take is as a good thing which means bad luck has gone to another side. In the recent years, people are not using buffalo they have shifted to Rupee, seasonal fruit, coconut and golden Minjar covered by red color fabric.

The symbol of Minjar which is dressed through the crowd of Chamba's Chowgan, signifies the appearance of corn-cob, generally it is made of silk. On Chamba Minjar mela's 1st day, people bring the picture of Raghuvira Lord and also the other regional deities, Devtas and crests. The fair of Chamba Minjar started to show respect towards King Sahil Verman's victory on rulers and additional Tirgata which is also called as Kangra. He was a defeated Raja who was represented as Chamba's ruler with refreshing maize and paddy. The various twists of the story showcases the Ravi River was used to run close to the temple of Hari Rai. During the olden time, there were a number of great saints who went across the River  each day to praise the temple's god, King Sahil Verman requested him to allow everyone to enter inside the Temple to worship the God. For the whole week,the Saint organizes the Yajna of continuous prayers, during that time he had interlaced a big colorful string which was an actual Minjar, he had placed it on the River water Ravi River magically changed her flow course due to that everybody could reach the temple of Hari Rai. Right now, people are celebrating the Chamba Minjar mela for entire the week. They perform various types of dances such as like swirl, customary Kunjari Malhar, bands play, which is sung and practiced within the market area.

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