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Himachal Pradesh Places to see KANGRA FORT

At a Glance :

Region :
Himachal Pradesh, Kangra valley, aged Kangra village

Special Features : 2 Jain temple and temple of Ambika Devi

This is another strong fort of Himachal Pradesh situated over the hill top, it is located at the emerging point of Patal Ganga and Banganga river, this location is placed at the aged village of south western. This castle has been constructed through Bhuma Chand, he was an establisher of Katoch dynasty, he is also popular through other names such as Kot Kangra and Nagarkot.

Kangra fort's history displays that this castle was attracted through a number of People who wished to capture this region. During those days, there was saying that the individual who will control this fort will be able to rule Kangra. As per a Kashmir King, during 470 century , this fort was captured through Shreshta. The eyes of Gazni's Mohammad were on this fort during 1009 and searched it. This emperor carried gold coins of about seven lakh and utensils about twenty eight tonnes which was made of silver and gold, pearls and diamond of around eight tones. Muhammad Tughlaq did 2 attacks over this fort during the year of 1337 and with him there was one more emperor that is Feroze Shah. They  attacked the fort once more in a very less time. This attack was done by Khan Jahan, he was a Sher Shah's commander during 1540. Before the completion of one century, during 1620, Jehangir got victory over Kangra fort. till the year of 1781, this was shifted to Jassa Singh Kanhaya's , after a 5 year rule of Jassa Singh it  went under the rule of Maharaja Sansar Chand. he won this fort during 1809 and at the end of 1846, this most demanded fort was achieved by the British empire.

Kangra fort was hugely damaged due to the disturbing earthquake that happened during 1905. At present, this fort is under the maintenance of India's Archeological Survey. The entire Kangra fort stands over four kilometers land, it has very huge protective walls that displays how many essential historical moments that have happened at this place. the doors of the fort have been made through different rulers who ruled over this fort. you can enter inside the fort only through Ranjot Singh Darwaza, by Amiri and Ahni doors you can reach the Jahanjir Darwaza. the last 2 darwazas of Kangra fort have been made by the first Kangra's Mughal King. After Jahangiri darwaza , the way leads towards the coming darwaza that is called as Andheri Darwaza. By this darwaza, the way gets divided in two directions. One path takes you towards the left side through which you can reach the  Darshani Darwaza, this is more of a gateway of two very amazing portions of the fort. The gate of the fort is believed to be most ancient structure of Kangra fort and this gate opens up in the broad courtyard that is surrounded by various chambers.

Because this fort has experienced lots of different rulers and emperors, that’s why as per each emperor's religious interests they have constructed different Temples and shrines within the area of the Kangra fort. There is the Sitlamata temple and Narayan temple which  stands on the Darshni Darwaza's other end. These temples are one of the prime attractive characteristics. Unfortunately due to the 1905's earthquake these temples got many damages, although these 2 temples have ancient carvings. Laxmi Narayan temple's ceiling is ultimately beautiful due to its splendor designs and decorations.

On the northern side of these two temples, there is one more pleasant temple of Ambika Devi, which is still praised by the devotees. The entire look of this temple is so refreshing that it still looks pretty like a recent construction inspite of the availability of historical architraves and historical pillars that have been wrapped through its dome. On the southern side of Ambika temple there are 2 Jain shrines that stands in a bad condition, which need good maintenance. Apart from these two shrines, only one temple has Lord Adinath's picture but it is not really visible because it belongs to the 1523 century. Rest of the Jain temples unluckily has just plinth. The contemporary Jain temple is also present in this Kangra fort that offers accommodation facility for pilgrims of Kangra.

Among the Ambika Devi and Sitlamata temple, there is a staircase which takes you to Sheesh Mahal. The amazing name of this mahal creates an image of glittering & glowing palace within the mind, but in fact there is nothing like that. This Sheesh mahal is made in stone along with a terrace on the watch towers edge. From this watch tower you can get a panoramic view of the entire surrounded region. there are some more structures, when you will step forward from Andheri Darwaza,can be seen on the wooden plateau, there is a mosque which belongs to the Jahangir period. Near this structure there is one more structure that is a step well of stone that is known as Kapoorsagar.

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