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Himachal Pradesh Places to see DANCES

Places Of Interest : Jawalamukhi, Kangra Fort, Brajeshwari Temple

Best Time To Visit : Mid-May to Mid-October.

Just like the variations in the landscape, fairs and Festivals of Himachal show a great diversity. The celebrating mood of the people of Himachal during fairs and festivals has given birth to variety of dances. Among the dances of Himachal, Chham dance is popular one. This dance has a peculiar feature as it is the dance of devil and generally Chamm performance is observed in the districts of Spiti, Lahaul and Kinnaur. The performer of this dance is wears a mask and wears intricately created costumes. The appearance of the performers will surely evoke curiosity in every spectator.

There are other forms of dances in Himachal which are very popular.

Kullu Nati :

This form of dance is very popular in the state and is performed exclusively during festivals. The dance is made attractive with an enchanting orchestra of Narsingha, Shehnai, Karnal, Nagara and Dhol.

Lahauli Dance :

This dance has a strange similarity with the Ladakhi dances rather than with the dances of Himachal. This dance is performed on the tunes of two most famous musical instrument of Ladakh region; Damman and Surna. While the instruments belong to Ladakh region, the ceremonial movements are Lahauli. The dance involves simple yet majestic steps and at occasions the dancers join hands and move in circular pattern to make the performance more beautiful. The gorgeous attire of the dancers also makes the performance fantastic for viewers.

There are other dances of Himachal such as Thoda, Dandras, Ghurehi, Nati and Gugga.

The multicolored Culture of Himachal Pradesh will covet your heart once you land here.

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