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Himachal Pradesh Places to see EXCAVATIONS

Key Facts :

No tourists have ever left Himachal Pradesh without getting astounded by the magical marvels of this state. Wherever you go, you will be excited to see the scenic beauty of the nature following you. The architectural finesses of the forts and palaces of Himachal fascinate every spectator. The state has high archeological significance as excavations in Himachal Pradesh have unearthed some valuable memoirs of the pre-historic era. Suketti Fossil Park is the most visited place in Himachal Pradesh as it houses fossils of pre-historic animals. These fossils have been found through excavations in Himachal Pradesh and this park is the first ever fossil park in Asia that has been built at the site of its exploration.

Features Displayed :

The Suketti fossil park is located in the upper and middle of Shivalik and it basically comprises clay rocks and soft sandstones. The park houses some of the intriguing fossils of pre-historic animals, which we often see in television. The park has 6 life size models of Stegodonganesa Sivatherium or extinct grand elephant, Colosschelys Atlas- a giant tortoise, Hexaprotodon Sivalensis or a hippopotamus having six incisors, Paramachaerdus or saber-toothed tiger. All these animals once flourished the lands of Himachal Pradesh.

About the Fossils :

The collection of fossils in Suketti Fossil Park is one of the richest in the world. The mammalian fossils unearthed from the lands of Himachal Pradesh are a road to the ancient world of India. The study of these fossils gives information about the environment, flora and fauna of the Jurassic era. According to the archeologist’s finding the fossils found at this park are 8.5 billion years old.

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