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Himachal Pradesh Places to see MUSIC

String Instruments : Gharotu, Sarangi, Ektara, Rubana, Gova

Wind Instruments :
Bansuri, Shehnai, Karnal, Ransingha

Purcussion Instruments : Dhol, Nagara, Kanjari, Jhanj

When a land is loaded with natural beauty then the nature always throws its impact of creativity on the native dwellers of that land. The sense of creativity of the People of Himachal is reflected by their enchanting music. Just like the cold breeze always sweeping the state and the sweet sound of river water the music of Himachal Pradesh is also mesmerizing with a wide variation of musical instruments.

Gharotu :

Gharotu is a popular musical instrument played mostly in the Nirmand area. Gharotu is played with a bow made out of the hairs of the horsetail. The musical instrument resembles with Sarangi, but unlike a Sarangi Gharotu does not have separate keys. It is comprised of four strings is tuned according to need of the folk songs.

Sarangi :

This musical instrument has many strings and the instrument produces a sound that is almost close to human voice. The instrument is played with a bow it has the power of creating almost any kind of tune. Sarangi is widely used both in folk as well as classical music.

Ektara :

This is a single stringed instrument and has a hollow body at the bottom, which is covered with goatskin. The string can be tightened by a peg, which is fixed at the end of a long stick that runs all through the body of the instrument. Ektara is generally played during the singing of religious songs.

Jhanj :

This musical instrument consists of two big cymbals made out of brass. And it is played is almost all parts of Himachal Pradesh. Both the brass cymbals are held by a string that binds these cymbals together through their center. The instrument is played by striking the two cymbals to each other.

Rubana :

Rubana resembles the guitar and is a guitar like instrument. A performer who plays Rubana also plays a small drum named Khanjari. This instrument is generally used to sing religious songs which are sung for praising Lord Shiva.

Shehnai :

Shehnai implies 'the Emperor among the wind instruments' and it is the perfect musical instrument, which is capable of creating the subtlest notes possible. The instrument is made of wood and sometimes of metal. Shehnai is quite popular all over Himachal.

The Diverse notes produced by the varied instruments of Himchal enchant every visitor who arrives here. Check out the sweet tunes of these instruments by planning a tour in Himachal.

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