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Himachal Pradesh Places to see HIMACHAL PRADESH MONUMENTS

Himachal Pradesh is in Northern India and is also bordered by the Indian states of Punjab, Jammu Kashmir, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. This state is one of the highest per capita states in India. The economy of this state is mainly depending on agriculture, hydroelectric power and tourism. There is tremendous variation in the Climate of this state due to the variation in the elevation. The main communities residing over here are Rajputs, Gujjars, Ghirth, Kanets, Brahmins, Gaddis and Kolis. The main languages found here are Pahari, English, Hindi and Punjabi.  Pahari is a dialect which is closely related to Dogri Language in the lower parts of Himachal. Tibetan origin which is used in the daily conversation in the upper parts of Himachal. Here each district has its own dialect. Himachal Pradesh is completely a mountainous state and a pleasure for all the visitors, mainly during the spring season when people flock to this tiny hill station to run away from the sweltering warmth of the plain areas. The present form of land is because of the detachment of Punjab into Haryana and Punjab in the year 1966. Elevated points of the state of Himachal are as tagged on. The high passes and the winding roads connect its high valleys and mountains.

Viceregal Lodge which is known as “Rashtrapati Niwas” in Shimla which is domicile of the Institution of Advanced Studies with its premises is one of the prime locations among the Monuments in Himachal Pradesh. Just 4 kms away from the city of Dharamsala is the Norbulinka Institute of Tibetan Culture with beautiful landscapes and gardens, this institute includes a museum and a traditional temple that houses ornately carved woodwork, ‘thankya’ paintings, carpet weaving and other carving. Additionally, the Monuments in Himachal Pradesh is Lord Elgin's Memorial in Dharamsala, situated inside the wilderness of St. John's Church. The Maharaja Palace of Chail has now been converted into a hotel, offering its visitors attractive and comfortable stay. Other monumental heritage hotels in the state include Rang Mahal and Padam Palace. Do not forget to visit the historical Gurkha Castles and Forts located in Solan, Sirmour, Bilaspur and Shimla districts.

There are many Monuments in Himachal Pradesh namely War Memorial, Rang Mahal, Namgyal Monastery and many more on the list.

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