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Himachal Pradesh Places to see GURKHA CASTLES

At a Glance :

Region : Himachal Pradesh
This is one of the prime monuments of Himachal Pradesh; it is a crucial factor of Himachal Pradesh state's heritage tourism, but still it has been neglected by the tourists and visitors. the ancient Kehloor, Arki, Hindoor, Sirmour, Bhagat, Jubbal, Kuthar, Mahlog and Kyonthal,and  the other states which has now become Solan, Bilaspur, Shimla districts and Sirmour, they were below the Gurkha 1815. The time operation opposite Gurkha rulers was converted in motion through Major David Ochterlony. There are castles of Gurkha at Sirmour, Solan, Shimla and Bilaspur districts that stand a memory of the time and life below the rule of Gurkha regime. The prime attractive aspects are Banasar, Malaon, Dhar and Subathu forts which are situated within Solan district.

There is a saying that majority of the Gurkha forts were constructed through captured state's citizens, they were forced to work, without any pay.Majority of the forts are made of nice lime grind, mash dal and surkhi that was used to make stone walls. At Solan,you can see the Malaon castle that is located close to Nalagarh, it was constructed through Amar Singh Thapa; it memory of Gurkha which is situated in western hill's territories that had been captured through the huge struggle among the Hindoor, Sirmour and Kangra states to put control over Bara Thakurai, it is a insignificant states of Garhwal west. The eastern, northern and southern part was sealed through Major David Ochterlony , that day was sixteenth January 1815.

Banasar's Gurkha Fort :

This is one more Gurkha fort which is located in Banasar, it is about twenty two kilometers from the national highway of Kalka Shimla that is located over the road of Nahan and Kumarhatti.Gurkha castle is located before the Banasar town. After reaching there you need to climb for 10 minutes to reach the fort. This fort is almost 150 years old.

Subathu Gurkha Fort :

From Malaon, this fort is only seventy kilometers away; right now this fort is below fourteen training centers of Gurkha. It contains cannons which are almost 181 years old.

Dhar Mountain Fort :

There is one more fort that is located close to Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry. It is near the national highway of Kalka and Shimla that comes on the road of Solan Rajgarh. It is surrounded by the Dhar Mountains which is around six thousand nine hundred ninety feet high; you can also get the view of this castle from Nauni. The structural condition of this fort is very bad and the road which leads towards the fort is meandering and rocky. The construction of this fort is done in such as manner that it has become a memory of Gurkha triumph, this monument is around 190 years old. There is a pathway that goes towards the prime entrance. After entering inside the castle you will get to see a gallery that offers way to some rooms of the fort. There is also a water tank, which was constructed at the hall's center point; the tiny doors were a beneficial factor because with the help of that soldiers were able to secure themselves from sepoys of the British Empire. The various secretive doors are also available there to stop the enemy's entry. Fort's upper storey is akin to a ceiling in which warriors can hide in a crawling position. Within the fort's 3rd hall, you can do some additional suppositions, specifically regarding the engineering skills of the Gurkha. The 3rd hall's eastern part is connected to the room which is constructed in the shape of a dark oval. You will be confused why this part of the fort has been built like this, but this is a section of a fort where till now the roof hasn't fallen.

Visit :

You can reach this place through rail transportation, the nearest railway station is about forty kilometers away from another fort that is Malaon, from Banasar the fort distance is about forty five kilometers, from Dhar the distance is fifteen kilometers and from Subathu fort the distance is twenty kilometers, that’s why you can easily see a number of ancient monuments of Himachal Pradesh.

From Solan the distance for prime Gurkha fort is not much that’s why you can reach here by road also.

Stay :

You will easily get hotels and resorts as per your budget at Nalagarh and Solan. It is situated at Banasar and Subathu, these two places are not much long, and that’s why you will easily come back to the hotel.

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