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Himachal Pradesh Places to see HIMACHAL PRADESH MUSEUMS

If you are planning to visit any state or country; then the perfect way is to see the museums of that state or country. In the museums you can get all the information about the state or country, from its history to present each and every thing can be known from museums. There are many museums in Himachal Pradesh ; which will help you to know about Himachal in detail; and you will be familiar with this state. You can visit any museums of Himachal Pradesh as per your convenience to know the customs, culture, norms, history, and development of the state. You will get to see rare objects, which you won't get any where in the world,but in Himachal's two museums. There are some known museums like Roerich Gallery of Art. Bhuri Museum which is located at Chamba, Kangra Museum, Uruswati Folk Art, State Museum of Shimla etc.

State Shimla Museum :

This museum started in 1974 and is situated on the top of the hill in a very ordinary colonial building, which is known as Inveraram. It is a little difficult to reach this museum because of the hike of fifteen hundred meter. But the moment you reach the museum; you will feel, your efforts are worth. You won't feel tired after watching all the preserved collection. This museum has a collection of delicate items of about two thousand. This museum has historical paintings, photos, sculptures, coins and other objects of Himachal and of other states. In Shimla state museum, there in one must watch and interesting thing which is the miniature Pahari paintings. These miniature paintings were the last object which were left from development before this north part of India came under the British control. In this museum, there is a library;which has a good collection of manuscripts and historical book. 

Bhuri Museum :

In the period of 1919 the Chamba was under the rule of Bhuri Singh. the museum got its name as Bhuri Singh museum after him. In 1908  this museum was started for the people; but the construction of this museum was completed in 1975. This museum has preserved the items like chamba's traditional art rumals, hilly jewellery, Bhuri Singh's paintings, arms and weapons of royal and traditional, coins, decorative things, traditional music instrument etc.  Among all these items, mostly Chamba rumals attracts all the visitors through its bright and fresh color, creative design, which has been made by the pahari artists but the embroidery work of rumal is always done by the house women. The ancient times wall hangings and carved doors.

Uruswati Art Museum :

This museum is near to the Nicholas Art Gallery. Uruswati museum is situated in the Roerich's estate and it is surrounded by the greenery of very tall trees of deodar. In the year 1928, the Madame Nicholas has built this museum; from that time he has preserved a nice collection of local folk art paintings of Russian's disciples, costumes and paintings of Roerich etc. in that museum, you will also get to see the a small hall which shows Russian folk art. To get more knowledge about Roerich, you can go through the books which are available on the counter of this museum. If you didn’t find this museum exciting, still the ambience of this museum is very peaceful and beautiful. 

Kangra Gallery :

This art gallery is situated in Dharamshala shopping center; it is located at Kotwali Bazaar. Kangra gallery was opened in the 1990 between10 am to 5 pm. This gallery has a collection of pottery sculptures, and many items of anthropological. Despite this you will also get to see the jewelleries, finely embroidered cloths or costumes, jewelleries of tribal people, lintels, woodcarving, jail and pandals etc. one the sections of this Kangra gallery showcase the marvelous work of photographers and artists of contemporary art and there is also separate section for library. 

Nicholas Art Gallery :

This art gallery is situated in the district of Himachal Kullu. This gallery got the name after the empire of Russian settled in Naggar, when the 1970s  revolution finished. Nicholas gallery consist work of his son and his also. His paintings mostly displays the mountains. Besides paintings, there are also some photographs which can be seen within the museum. Photographs are about his great memorial meets with Jawahar Nehru etc.

Soha Art Gallery :

This gallery was a house of Sobha Singh, who was a painter. His art was appreciated through many recognitions and rewards. Sobha Singh has got many rewards like, the highest reward of Punjab's council and also rewarded by the great Padam Shri award. This entire gallery tells you about this great painter through his marvelous paintings. He has made paintings of Sheikh Farid, Sikh Gurus, Jesus Christ, Lord Ram etc.

Tibetan Archives and Work Library :

This library is an effect of the fourteenth centuries Dalai Lama's holiness. The library is situated within the Tibetan Government's compound, it is at Dharamshala. This library has around eighty thousand manuscripts, 100 thangkas, six thousand photographs, many documents and books, artifacts and statues and numerous materials. The motto of this library is to spread and preserve the Tibetan culture.This library wanted to make an environment where everybody will get knowledge without any restriction and rules between the scholars & students. The timings of this library are different every year.

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