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At a Glance :

Region : Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala, Macleod Ganj

Attractive Features : Books, eighty thousand manuscripts and document

Major Attraction :
Manuscripts and Tibetan Artifacts

Importance : it is an important Tibetan Institution of culture

This library is founded in the fourteenth century by the great Dalai Lama of Tibet. This library is one of the major institutions of Tibetan culture in the world and it has not only preserved this culture but also propagated in the entire world. This library's stone was established on 11thJune 1970 and the construction of this library started. This library is at the hill station called Dharamsala, it is in north India.  It is situated within Tibetan Government's compound. This library works as a depository place of Tibetan manuscripts and artifacts and it is also a cultural and language education. This library includes documents, books and larger than eighty thousand manuscripts, statues, thangkas of around 100 and six thousand photographs of artifacts and many other materials.

As it is a major centre of Tibetan Archives and works; its major motto is to preserve the Culture, protect the culture and promote Tibetan culture. The library is focusing on the next centuries,and preservs the knowledge of their culture, they are educating the entire world and whether it is any culture is has been threatened with disrupting it. After completing twenty five years of culture, they were feeling a need of such type of institution and this need was continually growing. And finally they fulfilled their need through this library; which made their work easier about protecting culture. The first object of this library was to offer a very well broad resource centre of culture, the environment of promoting, enthusiastic research and knowledge exchange between the students and scholars. This library is very important in this modern world, which is confused by spiritual and political thinkers. 

Library Containing the Objects :

Taking and preserving the Tibetan manuscripts, artifacts, books and art works, they offer to use the books, reference books and manuscripts of foreign and Tibetan language; they also have facility of study places within the library.

  • They provide the prints and copies which library has to the readers.

  • Offers you the study and research of Tibetan language, modern Tibetan art and also traditional Tibetan arts and crafts.

  • Offers you the documentation and bibliographies; with the related literature available in the whole world.

  • They act as a reference centre of important objects, manuscripts, and publishing books in library.

This library has a very close fraternization with CIHTS of Sarnath and DRCCTA. At every year's operation, there are researchers, students and visitors that are highly increasing and they are drawn into this library; which has power of providing cultural and educational experience which is available at some places of the world.

Library has operation from 1st November 1971. This library is a home to 2 Tibetans projects of oral History in world. It's preservation of wood carving and dazzling thangka painting programs signified that preservation of culture is also a essential part of the culture and also the historical letters.

Different Departments LTWA :

Department of Education which operates the Tibetan centre studies, which offers the programs of Tibetan language and Philosophy

This library has around seventy thousand documents and manuscripts in the ten thousand Tibetan books translated in the other foreign languages and English language.

  • History in Oral

  • Translation and Research

  • Administration

  • Publications

This library has about six hundred statues and hundreds of reliquaries, paintings of thangka, many ritual objects.

It also has thousands of social and legal documents of Tibetan; it is from the tenth century. And also six thousands photographs and also negative.

You can visit this library from Monday to Friday from of 9am to 5.30pm and in the months of October to March the timing is same.

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