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Serene by nature and meek by manifestation, Himachal Pradesh is swathed through snow majority of the time in the year. Ever since Himachal invaded an important section of the Himalayas, there is excessive scenic for hill stations here.These hill stations offer a reprieve from the soaring heat of the Indian plains during the summer as they stay satisfyingly cool even when the Indian plains is down with  a blaze of scorching sun. You can enjoy breathtaking scenes at Kullu, Shimla, Kasauli, and Manali.

Himachal Pradesh is a dwelling place for Tibetan Buddhism and a horde of states monasteries. The situations of the religious residence are noteworthy as they are put over mountain pinnacles tactfully. Along with all complexes of the monastic, Dhankar and Spiti monastery proves to be the biggest one and Buddhism’s focus point is at Rewalsar and conserves within it a figure of a renowned teacher of Buddhist - Padmasambhava. The architectural opulence of Himachal is not in the boundaries of limits. So here is a brief description of other attractions of Himachal Pradesh:

Baspa Valley :
Another grandeur among the vast array of valleys of Himachal Pradesh is the Baspa Valley. The Sangla or Baspa Valley opens up beyond itself to show slopes rich with dense woods and from a distance, the village of Chitkul appears to be a spectacle of a fairyland.

Chamba Valley :
The primitive times capital of Parhari, concerning 920 AD, was discovered and located in this town, of Chamba Valley. The Chamba Valleys climate remains cool the entire year. You will be amazed that even in summers the temperature just reaches 30 to 35 degree Celsius; this is the best place to visit in winters as it is wholly laden by snow.

Kangra Valley : The Kangra town has experienced being a important seat of administrative activities, since it had once been the capital of the Chand Dynasty. The Kangra Valley is located between the ranges of the Dhaula Dhar and the Shivalik hills. The green sublime and luxuriant atmosphere and view of the Kangra Valley gives you a matchless experience of a lifetime.

Kinnaur Valley : The Kinnaur valley has a good altitude of 2870m, because of which the winters of Kinnaur are long and summers are short. Another attractions around the Kinnaur are Puh and the Sangla valley. There is home for even adventure in Kinnaur valley. Activities and places popular for adventure over here are the Kinner Kailash Trekking, the Pin valley trekking, and the Pubber valley trekking.

Lahaul Valley : The Lahaul Valley are characterized by the massive mountain ranges and glaciers uniform in altitude, lakes and rivers that gush and various passes. But there is the other side of Himachal Pradesh that is hardly witnessed by many. One of the few remote valleys of the Himalayan region is the Lahaul Valley. Also, Lahaul Valley is a place best for adventurous sports like hiking, trekking and gypsy driving.

Malana Valley : The natural factors of the place are as enchanting as any other valley in Himachal Pradesh. An array of flowering trees and fruit orchards, the green blanket of nature over mother Earth and the high snow- topped mountain ranges gives a lovely backdrop - this is what makes the whole distant image of the Malana Valley that appear a picture cut from the picture of heaven on Earth. The experience of adventure plus sight seeing is incomparable. There are easier, as well as shorter, ways to reach the Malana Valley, like the ones via Jari village which connects to Kullu valley.

Pabbar Valley : The Pabbar Valley is the region formed by the vacant land between the feet of the hills included in the Pabbar hill region in the Chanshal ranges. The whole region of the Pabbar Valley comprises mostly of roads and pathways that have been less explored and traveled upon. Trekking is the word when talking about Pabbar Valley. The slopes are safe yet bring one’s pulse to race when it comes to trekking in Pabbar.

Pangi Valley : Nestled in the superior part of the Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh, the Pangi Valley is an isolated world in its own. Well, being in the Pangi Valley vicinity, you will have a chance to be in the painting yourself. A dream comes true, of your childhood.

Parbati Valley :
Skirted by the huge and pinnacled peaks of mountains, the Parbati Valley raises the pride of Himachal Pradesh.

Pin Valley : Cuddled up in the laps of Himachal Pradesh, in close proximity with the Spiti valley, there exists another small wonder of nature - the Pin Valley. Apart from being a wonderful tourist place, the valley is also a great repository for the gravel bars that are rich in fossil and jagged rocks. Thus, the Pin Valley serves as a geologically essential lab in the country.

Rohtang Pass : Rohtang Pass is the highest pass in Himachal which has an altitude of around 3,978 m above sea level. The pass of this mountain connects the Kullu valley with Lahul and Sipti Valley. This is one of the famous pass from the other pass all over the state and country.

Solan Valley : The Solan district is a hill station, also famous by the name Mahasu district, and is one of the most urbanized and developed places in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The best reason to be in solan is the Solan Valley. The springs and streams that adorn the beautiful place of Solan with various colors and textures of splendor. Taking walks through the woods with a loved one is the most memorable moment that can be spent in the Solan Valley woods. The Solan Valley has derived its name from the Goddess Solan Devi, who is worshipped by the resident people here. The willow of bamboo and other deciduous trees grow here, with the streams flowing along, there is a recalling sound of the Hill Man’s songs.

Spiti Valley : The Spiti Valley displays another side of the beautiful face of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti, or as it is locally pronounced Piti, is the middle country between Himachal Pradesh of India and Tibet of China. The Spiti Valley has a vast range of wildlife that includes the baffling snow leopard and the ibex in a good number; and both these are located in the Pin Valley, near Spiti. The heart of the Spiti Valley is stoned, rugged and introversive. But secret and reserved nature is what makes it even more alluring and inviting.

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