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Himachal Pradesh Places to see PARVATI VALLEY

Skirted by the huge and pinnacled peaks of mountains, the Parvati Valley raises the pride of Himachal Pradesh. The Parvati Valley takes a twist towards the west from the snowfields and glaciers that border the Spiti valley. The Parvati meets Beas, which is at a distance of 8 km to the south of Kullu, at Bhuntar. The Beas is the longest tributary of Kullu Valley. Perching perilously on the sides of it, the picturesque hamlets adorn the beautiful Parvati  Valley.

Jari is a tiny village along the path of the Parvati Valley, and is halfway along the valley, about 19 km away from Bhuntar. To outfit the hippie crowd, the rural village of Jari has been recently given the wings of development. The hippies, who swarm from Manikaran, prefer the cheaply priced rooms of Jari as well as its peace. Another small village down the road of Parvati Valley is Kasol. It has become more famous as a hangout among the tourists. This place is quite pretty, a lovely landscape amongst the pines, streams, and the much more of country side attributes. There are 2 parts of the Kasol village - the Old Kasol and the New Kasol. The old one is on the side of Bhuntar, and the new one is on the Manikaran side. A definite trail from Manikaran leads to the Pulga village. Next is the Parvati Valley that leads up to the hot springs at Khirganga. This is exactly where Lord Shiva sat down for meditation and continued the rumination for over 2,000 years. Due to the valley being in a hilly region, where tea gardens stand high and lush, numerous tea houses surround the Parvati Valley and the taste of the tea here is greatly appreciated by people. Some tea houses also have lodging services. Hence, before returning to Manikaran directly, one can spend a night at any of these tea houses.

The Parvati Valley serves other attractive valley sites apart from its own majestic and panoramic gorge. The river in the Jari village is access to the Malana Valley which is of great interest, especially among the first time visitors. A full one day trek from Jari can reach you to Malana - a small semi- urban region of about 500 residents who speak a language which is a strong dialect of the Tibetan. This is a secluded village with the least of urbanization, a self- governing system and a rigid structure of caste and religion. It is quite shocking to know, but there are customs that People of this village follow, like not allowing visitors or outsiders to touch any of the village people or their possessions. And being among them, it becomes very important to follow this custom of theirs, and this includes waiting at the village entrance for an invitation to enter.

Rules of this kind must not be taken as bondages, but rather a variation in the culture and tradition of the place. The Parvati Valley and its environs are all together a rich experience of true Indian rural culture, wonderful flavors of the mountain tea and the spectacular frames of nature.

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