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Himachal Pradesh Places to see CHAMBA RUMAL

Chamba district's regional art form Chamba Rumal, it is a unique craft style of embroidery. The length of the Chamba rumal is around two – six feet and it is a very essential part or object of the brides of Chamba. Rumal is also called as Kashida. The embroidery of this rumal is similar on both the sides; the threads which are used on rumals are very colorful and silky. The fabric which used to make rumal is silk or cotton; generally they use cream or white color fabric. The stitches of this rumal are running stitches with leaving more space between two stitches that's why the picture or images which is created in the rumal can be visible on both the sides. Design's of the rumal reflects almost like a painting and it is a perfect gift of this region. This craft form was started as a craft to serve the kings; and this craft of domestic began spreading in household who are in the position and can afford them and those women who are able to create this craft. The rumals's Chamba are so simple that it is actually a small piece of fabric, which is generally used as a scarf. Slowly but steadily this embroidery was used in many craft item of daily useful things such as pillowcases, caps, wall hangings and hand fans. The new embroidery style Dorukha, which was embroidered  by the double stitch of satin; this type of embroidery has a clear appearance from the cloth's both sides. Chamba rumal of eighteenth century had unbreakable derivation till today .The technique of Dorikha is similar with the Phulkari of Punjabi that’s why it was not at all exciting to given links of Culture and trade.

But the thing is that the themes which were not displayed on the rumals through stitching are the factors of the artists of hills. Stroke and brush which was used to create the extraordinary Kangra's miniature painting is now replaced by the threads and needles of the district chamba. When the artist were creating painting, the theme which they were mostly displaying was Raas Lila or Krishna Lila; but now battle scenes, geometrical figures, hunting expedition, Architecture and flower designs are displayed on the fabric or cloth. Embroidery artisans mostly used pure cotton fabric and woven fabric, original mal mal for embroidery and over the base they used the threads which are silken. The shining embroidery and the clear stitches increase the quality and beauty of the rumal. This traditional art is now using the modern requirements like wall decoration, tablecloths and bed covers or sheets.

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