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Himachal Pradesh Places to see KULLUS HANDICRAFT

At a Glance :

Handicraft Products : Pattu, Shawl, Namda and Gudma

Main Handicrafts : Textiles of wool

Other Handicrafts : Caps, Pullans and Baskets.

Gudmas :

Himachali artisans make bags and blankets by using the wool of Giangi sheep; which is commonly available in natural colours, the artisans made the border of this craft in black and red color. These types of blankets are known as Gudma and these blankets are particularly made in Kullu Valley because Kullu valley has different and a unique type of clay which artisans use to finish and clean the Gudma. Gudma blanket is very warm and it can also use as a bedspread. They have a unique type of wool which is known as Biang wool which has high fibers.

Patti :

There is one more associate craft, which is made by weaving a tweed cloth, it is known as coats. Lamb's first shearing wool is known as fine wool and this wool is used to make cholas.

Basketry :

HImachal's baskets are made by high bamboo types which is called as nargal. Within some Harijan villages, situated in Kullu valley are the major places of baskets producer, it is near the Mohal around 5 millimeters from Kullu. These basket makers have a tradition of making baskets from their forefather, because earlier the baskets were using to transport and sell the fruits to the orchardists.

Pullans :

Pullans craft is made by fibres which is called bhang, they make bed room slippers and foot wears; these Handicrafts have much demand from the upper class people which are situated in the Bashleo and Jalori region. the bottom part of the footwear is made by using the bhang fibre , and the upper part of the foot is made by goat's hair which is called as shell. Upper part is decorated by attractive designs. Specialty of this footwear is, you get a very warm feeling in this footwear, this type of footwear can also be used in the house or room.

Caps of Himachal :

Himachal's caps are world wide famous; and these caps are not only their craft but it is also Himachal's tradtion. Himachal's caps have a special position because of it unique and oasis color, elegant designs and delightful embroidery. Himachali caps are very colorful head cover which is made by woolen fabric with several colored shaneel around the cap.

Pattoos :

Pattoo craft is a little similar to the shawls but much heavier and thicker. Ordinary Pattoos are rough and thick which are called as Dohru and it is used as blankets of bed. Pattoo is usually tied on the waist with the help of a small piece which is called as Gachi. Its design is a major attraction, colored by dazzling colors. Pashmina shawl which is very famous locally is known by a different name Loi and it is woven by all Himachal's people section; where as those people are Zamindars or Brahmins or any caste. People build pitlooms for Pattoo within the houses. People who are poor, they weave shawls by wools. The history of Pattoo craft is like flowers and designs of pattoos earlier was made by specific families located in Bushehar, who settled in this district around one hundred fifty to two hundred years before. Till today their generation still continuously practise this traditional work of craftsmanship. Pattoo craft is still known as Bushehari Dhari.

Kullu Shawls :

This craft has become a pride of Himachal Pradesh. This specimen of handicraft has become a major source of attracting the tourist buyers. Popularity of Kullu shawl is increasing within the tourists.

Namdas :

This craft is also called as felted wool. Namdas is made through weaving or beating the wool. Earlier Namdas craft was very famous but now it has just disappeared from Himachal.

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