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Himachal Pradesh Places to see HIMACHAL PRADESH PILGRIMAGES

Himachal Pradesh is a place of temples and shrines. It is said that every nook and corner of the state has a temple or some religious monastery. The exemplary faith of people in their deities and age old traditions is symbolized through these temples. Most of the temples in Himachal Pradesh are spectacular and have picturesque backdrops. They are the showcases of magnificent cultural heritage that has been carried over for centuries.

There are more than two thousand temples and worshipping places in the state. The beauty and marvelous architecture are enough to attract thousands of national and international tourists every year. Most of them are part of the age-old legends and literature. Called by the name of "Devbhoomi", the entire states is dotted with such temples that play a significant role in the common man's life.

Jwalamukhi temple is one of the most visited sites of the state. The temple is guarded by Goraknath's followers. Two natural pools are present and are adorned with three flames. It is among those temples in Himachal Pradesh that are the abode of tantriks and sadhus who meditate for gaining spiritual powers and self realization. Baijnath Temple houses a lingam of Lord Shiva that is revered by thousand of pilgrims in order to take the blessing of their deity.

Located in Bilaspur district, Naina Devi Temple is dedicated to goddess Parvati whose eyes are supposed to have fallen at this place. Thousands of devotees flock to this place in the month of September to offer their prayers. The temple is one of the piths of Sati that have immense religious significance for Indian pilgrims. It is one the major tourist attractions that are know for their exquisite natural beauty and amazing sights. Chamapavati Temple is situated in Chamba and is devoted to Champavati, the goddess of Hindus. It was built by Sahil Verman, a religious king.

Brajeshwari temple at Kangra is one of the most famous temples in Himachal Pradesh. Destroyed in one of the ferocious rampages of Mehmud Ghazni, the temple was later rebuilt in 1905. There are several myths that are linked to the construction of this magical temple and are prevalent all over Himachal Pradesh.

Hidimbadevi Temple in Manali is another tourist attraction. This wooden temple is devoted to Hidimba, who, according to Mahabharata, had married Bhima, one of the five Pandavas. The architecture of the temple resembles the Pagoda shaped temples of Southern India. The famous Dussehra festival of Kulu is celebrated every year and devotees visit the premises to pay homage to the goddess.

Bhimkali Temple at Sarahan is built in Chinese architecture; it is, in fact, an amalgamation of arts of Hinduism and Buddhism. Pilgrims visit the place to offer prayers to Bhimkali, who is considered an incarnation of Parvati. Among the other temples in Maharashtra, Deot Sidh Temple is the most famous one of Hamirpur. This cave temple is of the prime interest to the pilgrims; the number of devotees increases manifold during the Navratra festival.

Masur, Narbwadeshwar, Shakti, Renuka, Jakhu, Koteswar, Chaurasi, Shirigul, and Siddhantatha temples are the other places of interest in Himachal Pradesh that attract Hindu devotees.

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