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Himachal Pradesh Places to see NAHAN

At a Glance :

Region : Himachal Pradesh

Founded In : 1621

Altitude Location :
Nine hundred thirty two meter

Interesting Places : Suketi Fossil Park, Nahan Town and Trilaukpur temple

This magnificent pilgrimage village is located over Shiwalik hill's remote ridge, stretched verdant. This pilgrimage is popular due to its dust free and cleanliness, princes and saints are connected to Nahan's origin. This holy place has been established during the year of 1621, through Maharaja Karan Prakash. The meaning of Nahar word is lion and the name of this town has been inspired through a saint. The altitude location of this temple is nine hundred thirty two meter. This is the perfect spot to take a break and roam within the surrounded areas such as Paonta Sahib, Renuka, Suketi Fossil Park and Trilokpur temple. The climatic structure of this place is very cool and pleasant for the whole year. This place includes a lake which is manmade and also the adorned gardens and temples. Nahan pilgrimage site is Sirmaur districts headquarter.

Magnetic Spots :

Giri Nagar :

This spot is located in the nearby area of Dhaula Kuan, the distance between these two places is only seven kilometers. Giri Nagar also includes 60.M.W powerful power house. It has been constructed when Giri River was abstracted by a big tunnel of six kilometers.

Nahan Town :

There is a very smooth path in Villa round, Hospital Round and Military Round, all these spots are reminiscent of the old city. the major active places of Nahan town are Bikram Bagh, Chaugan and Khadar Ka Bagh. There are many more attractive and amazing places such as Turpine factory & Rosin, Gift Shops and regional temples. Rani Tal is the heart spot of Nahan village, here you can see a tank and a big temple that belongs to Sirmaur state's former ruler's days. The sweet fighting's of cranes and Ducks inside Ranital Tank will refresh you, the rest of the charm has been added through Ranital Garden.

Sacred Structure :

Trilokpur Temple :

This saintly temple has been constructed during the year of 1573, by Raja Dip Prakash. From Nahan you just need to travel for twenty three kilometers to explore this temple site and from Kalka Ambala highway it is about six kilometers away. From Haryana, this pilgrimage place is like a gateway. Trilokpur temple comprises of huge religious importance. Mahamaya Bala Sundri's temple is renowned and it captures millions of devotees from the whole northern part of India, majorly from Himachal and Haryana. in a single year, twice a fair is held at this temple during the Navratras festival which comes in the months of April & October. When huge numbers of pilgrims come to the Trilokpur temple, they try to pay complete respect towards the Goddess.

Let's Hangout :

Dhula Kuan :

This spot is located on the Paonta Sahib road, from this pilgrimage Nahan is twenty kilometers away. Visiting this amazing location is worthy due to its entire pleasant environment, cool air is generated through mangoes and citrus plants and also the factory of fruit canning of different types of jams, juices, canned fruit and pickles. If you go a little ahead from this magnificent spot, you will reach the temple of Kastasan Devi, this place is historically important because Rulam Quadir Rohilla's army was defeated through Raja Jagat Singh in a very big battle. Within Devi's temple their victory was celebrated, this temple was constructed as a thanksgiving through Raja Dhaula Luan. It also has Himachal Pradesh state's research station.

Suketi Fossil Park  :

This interesting park showcases huge fiberglass figures that belong to pre historic period's skeleton, animals and fossils. This type of park is the only one in the entire Asia, which actually looks original where you can see the fossils. After taking the holy darshan of Nahan pilgrimage, you can travel forward for twenty one kilometers to explore this amazing and unique park. This very interesting Suketi Fossil park is situated over Markanda River's bank and it is accessible from the highway of Kalka and Ambala through a small connected road of four kilometers. it is situated on the middle and upper Shiwaliks, it also comprises of Paramachaerdus, Colosschelys and Crocodilia,because of these animals the whole region was scared.

How to Access :

Chandigarh, Ambala and Kalka are the closest railway stations of this pilgrimage; these railway stations are linked to various major places of Himachal Pradesh through frequent buses.

The closest airport of Nahan is Chandigarh, this airport is alternative of the Delhi airport.

Through various directions you can arrive at Nahan by road, from Haryana you need to come here through Kalka – Ambaal route, by Paonta Sahib through Dehra Dun. There are frequent buses that take you to different prime places such as Delhi, Manali and Haridwar.

Occasion to Rejoice :

Till the end of monsoon season, Nahan village celebrates the Bawan Dwadshi festival; in the festival 52 regional idols are taken out of the temple for a pageant towards the temple of Jagannath. At this temple, all pilgrims drift inside the pool and during the midnight time they practice rituals.

Shravan Sankranti :

During the July month, Shravan Sankranti festival is celebrated by the local people. The prime attractive part of this festival is the Buffalo fight that is held in the Siar Fair. This fair is held as a respect to Shari's Banar devta.

Bala Sundari Fair :

This fair is held on another pilgrimage site that is Trilokpur, it is close to Nahar, coincidentally it is held during the holy day of Navratras.

Close Cities :

  • Trilokpur twenty three kilometer

  • Paonta Sahib forty two kilometers

  • Giri Nagar Twenty seven kilometers

  • Suketi Twenty one kilometers

  • Dhaula Kuan twenty kilometers

  • Renuka Forty five kilometers

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