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Himachal Pradesh Places to see HIMACHAL PRADESH TRIBES

Himachal Pradesh state has a noticeable percentage of tribal communities. Their tribals include Lahules, Kinners, Spitians, Gaddis, Pangwalas and Gujjars. If you will observe, these tribes are very friendly and social by nature,that may be because they don’t live at one place they continuously move from one place to another. The tribals believe in following their own customs & tradition their own dressing style, dance form and music, which make them different and unique from other people. Each tribe is a little different in customs and living style.

Lahule :

Lahul tribe's residential people are known by the name of Lahuli. This tribe is a traced tribe of the originals tribe Munda and they are mixed racial People of Tibetans. This tribals distinguished their population into two classes, higher class and lower class and they are follow Buddhism if you will get a chance to visit the Lahuli tribals house, then one thing you will notice in every Lahuli house is that they hang the picture of Buddha with a shrine.This tribe follow their own rules of marriage, like Lahuli women can marry more than one time, and divorce is very normal in their community. But marriage should be within the Lahuli tribe people. This tribe is located in Ladakh on its trade route. That`s why their main occupation is a trade despite also with farming. Many times , traders of Lahuli tribe went to Tibet because of their trade. But now the route is closed, now they have started exporting herbs to Kolkata to Kutch and from there, it goes forward to foreign nations.

Kinnaure :

This tribe can be found in the border of Kinnaur district. There are beliefs that, this tribe belongs to Mahabharta's Kinners and some believe that this tribe belongs to the Kirats. These people were powered by the people Khasaa and Aryans, and they were forced to go back in the Himalaya region's remote area. Because under the power of Aryan, their appearance in physical is a little similar to the Aryan people. These people also have features of Mongoloid. These people speak very softly and calmly and they are majorly involved into occupations such as raising wool and sheep rearing. They are also involved in the occupation like horticulture and agriculture. This tribe's male wears a pyjama which is made by a woolen and long coat and females of this tribe prefer to wear sari of wool, which is known as Dhoru. To protect their feet, Kinnaure people wear shoes which are made of goat and wool hair. The very interesting thing and unique thing about this tribe is their system of marriage. In one family, all boys get married with one girl. This type of marriage, is called as Pandava marriage because in Mahabharta, five brothers of Pandava had one common wife. Because of this marriage custom, there are many girls who are unmarried. Those who are unmarried finally decides to enter into the religion of Buddhism to become a Jomo or nun.

Gujjars :

This tribe is a Muslim tribe in Himachal Pradesh. There is a history that, this Gujjar tribe came from Asia's central part during the period of the sixth century into India. Most of the Gujjar people are vegetarian. And their major occupations are tending to goats and shepherd. But to earn more, during the winters they come to a lowland place and during the season of summer they come to the upper surfaces.

Gaddi :

These tribe's generally live in the district of Kangra, Mandi and Bilaspur; most of the people of this tribe live in the district of Kangra. Gaddi tribe has not migrated; this tribe has their villages whereever they live. But during the summer, they prefer to shift to higher grass with their family. This tribe's origin is not specific and clear. Gaddis, themselves say that they are antecessor,who ran away from the plains of India, because of the reason of less security for their tribe. That time the emperor of Mughal forced them to shift to some more secured place and leave this place.

A very unique and noticeable thing about the Gaddi tribe is their style of attire. Women of this tribe wear very colorful attire and which are gyer at the home. They regularly wear thick fabric scarf over their head, which looks beautiful and it is also protective. Women have a sash behind their back in black color, which helps them to carry their child. Women of Gaddi like to wear ornaments like necklace of small mirrors and semi stones and they also wear feathers of a peacock. Gaddi tribe's major occupation is shepherding. They also do the work of weavers, farmers and tinkers. These people were also involved into the work like crushing the millets and they carried loads, for themselves. This tribe also follows their own different customs and values but they strictly follow it, even if they are in bad condition. Gaddi women are very simple by nature.

Pirals :

This tribe's major occupation is goatherds and because of their occupation; they have to travel to different places. This Pirals tribe have go to Hoshiarpur forest and Kangra in the winters and during the summer they usually reside near the Chandrabhaga river's bank, which is in Lahaul. Pirals tribe people are very traditional but they are also fun loving. And they just love their festivals; they celebrate the festival with much enthusiasm. Marriage system is similar to the system of Hindu religion.

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