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Himachal Pradesh Places to see GADDI TRIBE

At a Glance :

Region : Himachal Pradesh, Kangra & Chamba district

Majority of Religion : Hindus

Gaddi tribe is found in the sides of the range of Dhauladhar,in Himachal Pradesh.A number of populations of the Gaddi tribe spend their time in the region of Brahmaur, in the district of Chamba. They are also spread in the regions of Tota Rani's villages, district of Kangra, near Dharamsala and Khaniyara. As per the history records of anthropologists, Gaddi tribe's origin played a very important role behind the tribal communities development. There are many myths, related to this tribe in Himachal Pradesh.They believe that  the Gaddi tribe came from the emigrants, who were from the Indian Territory. There is another historic thing about this tribe which is the different castes of this community that depart at various times. During the period, of eight thousand fifty to seventy CE, Gaddi tribe's Brahmins shifted to Chamba and resided in the abode on a permanent basis. Most of the other people shifted to the ranges of mountain, so that they could run to save themselves from the Mughal empire during the 17th century. Most of the people of Gaddi tribe believe in worshipping  Lord Shiva. As per change of time the modern society, was also affected by the Gaddi tribe's living style which created a big threat to their Gaddi traditional values, Culture, jewellery, lifestyle, costume and folklore. Because of this cultural transformation, this Gaddi tribe is diversifying with fast speed.

The names of the other castes of the Gaddi tribe are Thakur, Rajput, Brahmin, Rana, Khatri and Dhangar. Gaddi tribe people are very focused towards spiritualism and also their religion. Major number of Gaddi tribe, practiced Hinduism , Islam religion and also their customs. The diverseness is not only in the Gaddi tribe people but also in their dressing style. Men of Gaddi tribe usually wear a turban, chola and dora; and the Gaddi women usually wear launchiri. Gaddi tribal women and men both use the ornaments of Gold; mostly gold earrings are used by the males and females of the Gaddi community. The anthropologist have observed that and they have highlighted the aspect of Gaddi community to be highly honest, live with a peaceful life, friendly nature. The presence of crime is very less in almost every village of the Gaddi tribe. To fulfill their daily need of life, they have various types of occupation. This tribe has built their settlement in the current villages, that’s why they are not called as nomads. They have seasonal occupation of taking the goats and sheep on the lower and higher region. They go with their goats and sheep on different regions of Himachal Pradesh during the summer.Gaddis make woolen attire for themselves such as long coats, caps, dhoru, pyjamas made of wool and wool shoes made by the goat's hair. They also use the wool of the sheep to make carpets, shawls and blankets; this wool is twirled in a traditional style, at their house, because they have excellence in weaving. Women of this tribe like jewellery and they make jewellery also, like gold jewellery, precious stones and silver.

Majority of the Gaddi tribe people are Hindus, you will also find Muslim Gaddi people in their community, in the area of Lahaul & Chamba districts. Gaddi tribal people speak in their local language but they can also understand Hindi. This tribe is also popular because of their religious and their simple style of living. Most of the Gaddi tribes still follow their customs and traditions. This tribe is very attached to their traditional dance forms and music; they celebrate fairs like Sui Mela, Minjar and Bharmaur. They largely celebrate the festival of Shivratri and worship Lord Shiva.

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