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Himachal Pradesh Places to see LAHAUL TRIBE

At a Glance :

Region : Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul District

Majority Religion : Buddhists and Hindus

Lahaul or the people of Lahaulas are Buddhists and Hindus and they resemble with the Tibetan people. This tribe has a very close similarity with the people of Ladakhis and also with the Tibetans. Lahaul tribe has the status and position as the scheduled caste tribe of Himachal Pradesh.Lahaul tribe community are mostly found in numerous regions, such as Chamba, Lahual Valley, Mayar's lower valley and Pattan.

Lahaul signifies the residents of the Lahaul tribe. Lahaul tribe has an origin in the tribe of aboriginal Munda and also Tibetan. This tribe uses the Pattani language to speak. Actually there are many different names to this language; these names are famous in the community of the Lahaul tribe. Chamba, Lahuli, Changsapa Boli, Manchati, Patni, Manchad, Chamba Lahuli and Swangla, are the different names of Pattani . Lahaul tribe are involved into agrarian but some people of this tribe also practice trade. Lahaul tribals export grains such as barley, wheat and also herb which is known as Kuth to Calcutta. Lahaul community is distinguished into the classes like lower class and upper class, which are namely Lohar, Brahmins, Thakurs and Dagis. They strictly marry within their clan members. As per the other Indian religious castes, Lahaul tribe is also very close to their religious beliefs and customs. This tribal community's members have shifted to Buddhism; those people visit Trilokinath to worship the God.

For these tribals, family is a major responsibility.They mostly believe in big or joint families. The head of the family is always a man, but not a older man or senior male of the family. The head of the family is called as Yunda and the family head's wife is called as Yundamo. The family head, has to work on major authorities as he is a senior member of the generation. In situations when the head of the family is not able to handle the responsibilities of the family then automatically it gets shifted to another elder man of the family. Lahaul tribe's people believe in giving lots of respect to the senior members of the family. All family members demand the senior person's advice in each and every small matters of the family. For this tribe, their next major social responsibility is their clan. Their clans are also known as Rhus. Their clan is one of the major points of marriages. The major clans of the Lahaul tribe are Darnapa, Mehrupa, Langzipa, Chepapa, Kisingpa and Lenchenpa.

There is no restriction about getting married within the clan's members only, there is no rule of selecting the spouse of groom's mother's parents or as per father's sister.Since times have changed, the custom of marriage between the cousins is slowly stopped. There is also not even a rule of marrying with in their Lahaul tribe villages. Practice of Divorce is not a common thing within the Lahaul tribe when the condition of divorce gets created, that time the issue is tried to be solved in front of the elders of the village. When a groom wants divorce, he has to pay the compensation to the bride or ex wife, if in case she won't marry again. The major source of occupation is agriculture and other activities of earning money. their occupation includes programs of Government, husbandry, crafts, government service, animal husbandry and business.

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