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Waterfalls In Himachal Pradesh - Welcome!

India is a diverse country, comprising of numerous states and Religions, cultures and traditions. While talking of tourism, every state has something new in store to offer the visitors, which is incomparable with that of the other states. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most wonderful states in the country. And this is not pertaining just to the natural beauty; but also the uniqueness of the people staying there, the individuality of their cultures and traditions. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with many places of interest for the visitors. People who arrive here from far off lands only in an expectation of having a great time, Himachal Pradesh never ceases to entertain and astonish them.

It is true that the core beauty of Himachal Pradesh lies in its natural water springs, lakes, Rivers, valleys and waterfalls. Yes, waterfalls! Though not many in number, actually a very few, yet the waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh are not any less astounding than its other attractions or those which be the attractions of other places. The most famous waterfalls of Himachal Pradesh are Chadwick Falls and the Tattapani. Pertaining to the place being just under the shelter of the Great Himalayas, there are many other smaller water trails and streams that flow along the steepest slopes of the mountain terrains of the state. They are related to the Himalayas because of the melting of the snow on the lower areas of the Snow Mountains and the waters that form from them and it seems as if tinier versions of the Himachal Pradesh waterfalls are into existence. Let us have a word on the two major falls mentioned above.

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