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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JAMMU AND KASHMIR ADVENTURE

The fun of Adventure on the beautiful land with the Himalayan Ranges.

On this heavenly beauty of Jammu & Kashmir, the most beautiful thing to do is adventure and take pleasure of natural beauty that lies in the amazing scenario of this place. The most precious asset that Jammu & Kashmir has is the presence of the high ranges of Himalayas that covers the entire land of Jammu & Kashmir. It is not only nature’s gift for the eyes but also the best place to go for adventure.Long coastline and the sea are missing in this part of India but that can be compromised with the presence of crystal clear Dal Lake that helps to improve and grow more options for the adventure just by adding the panoramic vista of the scenery splendor.

These drafting rivers from the north give the best opportunities for the sports in water like cruising, rafting, fishing and living in the house boat. As it is present on high altitudes in the region of the snow clad knolls, the state can take advantage of sports being done on the mountains like trekking, skiing, mountaineering and amazing experience of aero sports that includes hot air ballooning and para gliding. This is the most wonderful place for veteran adventures and tyro as they are amongst the sports of less difficulty for the fresher. There is nothing like adventuring on the high ranges and on the pristine water that belongs to Jammu & Kashmir.

Land Adventure Sports :

They are one of the most indulged sport in Jammu & Kashmir. There ia a huge scope for trekking and mountaineering. The steep slopes of the mountains allow skiing and ice snowy region. There is a place in Jammu & Kashmir that is very famous for skiing and is known as Gulmarg. It has thick snow in the month of December and January that goes from 2600 m to 3200 m gathering all the skiing lovers at one place. It is very challenging and fun loving to go for adventure here. It is also for the people who love climbing and trekking on the high hills. Ladakh and Zanskar are amongst the amazing places of Jammu & Kashmir to go for mountaineering sports.

Water Sports :

There are many fast paced rivers in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. These rivers flow here and there gusting from the high ranges of hills and drafting through the steep slopes. The river Zanskar and River Indus,you will find many agencies that offer training and that too in the low water prior to going to the real world of rafting and trekking. These rivers are perennial and are fed with the glaciers that melt and keep the water cold throughout. Angling is another water sports that is upcoming and upgrading in Jammu & Kashmir.

The sports of Jammu and Kashmir are available in all seasons for adventure activities. There are no issues or any problem whether it might be summer or winter, there will always be one or the other sports that will make you engage in it. Jammu and Kashmir has the pleasant summers that have the best weather condition for mountaineering and trekking. And winters are the best here, the weather sets everything for the snowy ramps and skiing gear.

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