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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JAMMU AND KASHMIR ARCHAEOLOGY

Fast Facts :

Situated : Jammu and Kashmir

Known For : Edifying Temples and other pilgrimage centers

Jammu and Kashmir is a state, which is full of natural beauty. It is known as a paradise on earth .God has gifted this land with edifying beauty like the lakes, snowy covered lofty mountains, Swaying Gardens, beautiful people and their arts. This place is also known for its archaeological sites.


Few of the significant archaeological sites include:

The Amaranath Caves :

The Amaranth Caves is regarded to be one of the holiest Pilgrimage centers for all the Hindu Devotees. The Yatra to the Amarnath Caves is regarded to be the greatest pilgrim Journey. Many legends are attached with this caves and it edifices its natural beauty as well as the importance of mythology.

Pandrethan :

This place was discovered by Ruler Ashoka and is known for its adhisthan.The alluring stone temple is one of the most visited site in this place.Meruvarman temple is also a famous place of worship that you will get to see here.

Avantipur :

This massive piece of architecture was constructed by Anantivarman in (855 AD).There are 2 places of worship in this arena. Shiva Avantishvara said to be the largest temple and is also one of the important archeological site in this land.

Martand Temple :

This temple is situated in Anantnag and is a marvelous piece of excellent architecture. This place of worship was wholly dedicated to (Sun God).The style used in building this structure is just mind blowing.

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