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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JAMMU AND KASHMIR CITIES

The three regions beautifully divided into the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The cities of Jammu & Kashmir is famous all over the world for its amazing climate and picturesque beauty of the snow capped mountains with the forest. Jammu is a famous and worth a visit for its winter climate as Jammu is the States winter capital and is also famous for the temples and forts there.


If you go to Jammu do not miss some of the great places like Kud, Krimchi, Akhnoor, Patnitop, Sanasar and Batote. The cities of Jammu & Kashmir is also famous for the Pilgrimage center like Vaishno Devi and Amarnath which is visited by people from all over the world.


Srinagar is also popular for the Lakes and houseboats and Sonamarg, Gulmarg and Pahalga are full with the scenic beauty all over.


The cities that have land which are still waiting to explore is the land of Ladakh that is marked as the colorful feature of the state.


Cities of Jammu & Kashmir


  • Drass is located on the way to Srinagar, to the west of Kargil, just 60 kms away in Jammu & Kashmir. The attraction here is trekking with an altitude of 3, 300m. This is also known as the second coldest town in the world. The snowfall is repeated many a time in winters and the temperature many a times goes upto -40 C.

  • Gulmarg is a valley of with a huge meadow of area around 3 sq kms and is at the height of around 2, 730 meters. The name Gulmarg means the way of flowers.During the spring the valley is full of colorful beautiful flowers from which some off them are Daisies, Buttercups, Bluebells and Forget Me Not`s. The valley is around 3 kms long and wide as a Km.

  • Jammu is a city of temples.Jammu is the second largest town all over the state. The languages spoken in Jammu are Hindi, Urdu, English, Kashmiri, Dogri and Punjabi. The best time to visit this place is from the month of October to April.

    The land of Jammu has many ancient temple and palaces where the past is still living which are situated in the foothills of the beautiful Himalayas. The king Suryavanshi Jambu Lohan after getting the crown of the king once went for hunting and there he saw on a tank there was deer and tiger drinking water at a same place without disturbing each other. The king was surprised and after asking the ministers they said that the land of this state is so pure that the living creatures here do not fight against each other.

  • Kargil from Leh is located 234 kms away in the east in Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. It is situated at an altitude of 2, 704m. Leh of Ladakh is the urban center that is the second largest. The valley where it is situated is lovely and beautiful with apricot tress grown all over.

    Kargil was earlier an important trade route and transit center where there were a no of trucks carrying some of the important things like silk,  carpets, tea, brocade, felts, ivory, poppy, etc that came in the town from Tibet, Yarkand, China and Kashmir.

  • Phugthal is located close to Padum in the Zanskar region of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir. It is situated at an altitude of around 3, 850m. The main attraction of the Phugthal is a monastery there. It is also famous among the people who love trekking as there are many routes that are famous giving the trekkers an unforgettable experience.

  • Pahalgam is located close to Srinagar just 95 kms away in Kashmir Region of Jammu & Kashmir. It is situated at an altitude of around 2, 130 m. The prime attractions here include Baisaran, Aru, Mamaleshwara, and Tulian Lake. This is one of the popular hill station resorts in the valley of Kashmir. The temperature here does not go as low as Gulmarg and it has a beautiful view of the Lidder River flowing through the town.

  • Rangdum is a beautiful place located to the southeast of Kargil, 130 kms away. It is on Kargil-Zanskar Road in the Ladakh Region of Jammu & Kashmir. It has an altitude of around 3, 980 m which have prime attractions that include Trekking to Henaskot and Rangdum Monastary. The colorful hills are all over surrounded in Rangdum and are isolated and the farthest part in the Suru valley. The best time to visit and enjoy this place is from the end of June to the mid of September.

  • Rupshu is located towards the east of Zanskar in the Region of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir. The native people of this place are known as Changpas. The town of Chumtang has the lowest  point all over Rupshu that is around 13,000 feet and has the Indus River flowing along it.

  • Sani has a picturesque beauty that is located on the Kargil Road, just 6 kms away from Padum. The monastery based on ground level one is a unique and chief attraction. The best time to explore this place is from the month of July to the beginning of November.

  • Sankoo is a beautiful place with colorful rocky mountains surrounded all over the place which makes this place a picturesque beauty. It is located in the Ladakh region towards the west of Kargil just 42 kms away. The township there is small and upcoming with a small bazaar and many villages. The forest here looks like man made that has the shape of a bowl with the plants that are full of Willows, Poplers, wild Roses and Myricarea which makes this place famous.

  • Sonamarg is the last point that is major and is before the Zoji La pass which is situated at a height of around 2, 740 m. This place is also popularly known as Sonmarg. The greenery of this place and the beautiful landscapes suddenly changes to the dry and barren landscape of Ladakh. Thus Sonmarg is a point to start off a great trip to Ladakh and also a place that is loved by most of the trekkers. The best time you can explore and enjoy this place is from the month of May to September.

  • Srinagar lies in the Kashmir Region of Jammu & Kashmir which is one of the most popular places visited by tourists from all over the world. The things which mostly attract the people are Canals, Mughal Gardens and Houseboats. 

    It is the capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir and is the largest in the state among all. This large and unique city is different from other cities where you are not in a sub Continent but in Central Asia. This beautiful place is such where you can easily spend hours just wandering in this place, buildings, streets, old city and the most beautiful Jhelum River. The best time you can enjoy this place is from July to November and December to February.

  • Zongkhul comes in Zanskar Region on Padum-Kishtwar trek in Ladakh. This is a place which is famous among people for trekking and for cave monastery. It is situated in ‘Ating George’ on the face of a rock which has a connection with the popular Indian Yogi “Naropa”. He took lectures in some universities like Nalanda and Vikramsila University. The cave monastery is presently used under the known Yogi for Solitary meditation.


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