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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JAMMU AND KASHMIR DANCE AND MUSIC

As per other states of India, Dance and Music is a major part of the festival and occasions of Jammu and Kashmir. If you see, without any exception every state of India has their own form of Dance and Music, which shows their preserved culture and tradition. The different parts of Jammu Kashmir, have their different style or form of Dance and also various genre of Music. If you see the dances of Ladakh , it has a touch of Tibetan Buddhism; you must see the dances of the Ladakh covered by the masks. Their regional music accompanies the dances by the beats of the drum and the other traditional instruments which creates the very graceful and sweet music. There are some very attractive forms of performing art available in Jammu Kashmir; which got success in showing the imagination. Dance of Jammu Kashmir are the unseparable part of this historical state. All the dance form is performed by the regional people in different festivals, occasions and celebrations. They have very special dance forms for different occasions like marriage ceremony, celebration of birth and at the time of crop harvesting. When you visit Jammu Kashmir, try to attend any celebration, where you will get to see the dance form, they have a very special aura of dance which will make you part of it, when you are just a watcher, even if you are sitting miles away from the performance. The music of Kashmir is a reflection of the great and historical culture of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. The traditional music of  Kashmir which was composed by the ethnic artists of Kashmir, had a big influence of music on their composition. Due to the close relation with Eastern Asia, Central Asia and Southern Asia, the Kashmiri music became the dynamic blend of the 3 different region's music. But if you closely observe the music, you will come to know that the music of Kashmir is a little bit similar to the music of Central Asia, they use instruments of Central Asia to create the music and musical scales.

There are many shows which are organized in Kashmir, where you can enjoy the dance and the sweet music of Jammu Kashmir which will surely mesmerize you. Their dance forms have made Jammu Kashmir a hot and rhythmic destination for the tourists.

Bachha Nagma :

This dance form is also known as a Bachha gyavaun which means melodious adolescent voice. This dance form is very famous in the Kashmiri People and it is also a very important cultural event  in wedding ceremonies and also other culture base celebrations. Bachha Nagma dance is performed only by men and boys, they dress up like boys. Their dance attire make the similarity with the cloths, which are used in the Kathak dance form.

Ladishah :

This dance form of Kashmir is very popular and Ladishah has a very essential position in the tradition of  Kashmir music. Ladishah dance is a maliciously form of singing. These songs, shows the current situation of the political and social conditions which are very humorous.

Ruf Dance :

This dance form is one of the popular dance forms which are practiced by the Kashmiri people. From the ancient period, this dance form is an important part of Kashmir. In Kashmir's capital city, this dance is pronounced as Row, but in the villages of the Kashmir, it is known as a Ruf.

The various genre of music is explained as follows :

Chakri :

This music form is one of the popular forms of the Kashmiri folk music which is practiced in Jammu and Kashmir. Chakri music is created by using the musical instruments like rubab, harmonium, nout and sarangi.

Classical :

The music which is performed by the Hindu Kashmiri is majorly dominated by India's classical music. To create this classical music, they use musical instruments like Sitar. The very popular Sangeet Ratnakara which was written by the Sarangadeva was a Kashmiri artist. If you will see the earlier Kashmiri text, you will find the presence of the Kashmiri musical instrument and music such as Rajatarangini and Nimatapurana by the Kalhana.

Sufiana Kalam :

This is a classical music form of Kashmir. This music uses, its own made ragas. To create this classical music, the artists use Kashmir's famous instrument which has hundreds of string known as Santoor, also the wasool, sitar, Kashmiri saz, tabala etc.

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Popular Dance And Music Of India
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